Your $2 tips for a 7-day site-wide link

Thanks to blog-overlord J Angelo who posted about ScratchBack at The Blog Herald, I’ve finally found a cool and great ad/tipping system to use here on The Four-eyed Journal.

What is ScratchBack? It is best summed up in J Angelo’s own words which goes:

[It] basically allowed people to send small amounts of money to a publisher in exchange for a text link or image.

Sweet! Now anyone who’d enjoy reading this blog and would like to give me a tip can do so and get something of great value in return! Link love!

See the widget on the sidebar right below my most recent posts? Send me a $2 tip and you’d get one spot for the link of your choice on that list. That link will stay live for a full seven (7) day period and would be visible all throughout this blog. For both our convenience, the transaction is handled by Paypal. Awesome isn’t it?

It is a good way to sample how advertising would be like here on The Four-eyed Journal. If you get happy, you could extend the link placement for another 7 days for just $2.00 or you could sign up for a regular direct advertising deal where both of us would be happier.

ScratchBack is Jim Kukral’s latest project to test the concept of micro-tipping and whether it is a viable option for bloggers to get extra help or little rewards for their efforts.

I’m sure you’d be interested in this service as well. First it was EntreCard, this is the next one.

Advanced thanks for the tips! :mrgreen:

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