Scheduled down time Friday, May 13, 2011 at 10pm EDT (GMT -4)

A little heads up to everyone! This coming Friday, May 13, 2011 at 10pm EDT (GMT -4) this blog will undergo a scheduled down time because my VPS hosting provider ServInt will begin migrations to a newly provisioned host server.

They estimate that the down time will last for around 15 minutes. That time converts to 10:00:00 Friday May 13, 2011 in GMT+8 Philippine time.

These things are a normal part of the process in the web hosting scene and is a positive sign that the web host, in this case ServInt is taking active measures to further improve their services.

Server Build by Christian Haugen
Image by Christian Haugen

Services which have been fantastic and world-class. Ever since I have moved to ServInt, this blog along with my other websites have up and running smoothly. If ever there were downtimes, those were very rare and usually the culprit has been badly coded scripts and WordPress plugins. However I had little worries because ServInt has been consistent in providing excellent customer support each time something goes wrong in my VPS. Apart from fixing my VPS problems, they have also been unfailing in providing me support whenever I wanted to do some tweaks and customizations to my VPS.

This is not purely a marketing or promotional post, this is more of a testimonial to the great hosting and support services you would get when you host with ServInt. Here’s a link to ServInt, give it a try and you’d never look for another web host.

Image by Christian Haugen

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