Saving lives with your computer

kickass pcYou’re one of the happiest persons in the world. You’ve just spent a good deal of your hard-earned money on a new computer. It has the latest, fastest, powerful and cutting-edge processor. It has Gigabytes of memory, a hard drive with three digits that precedes the letters “GB” on its label. You’ve also slapped in a cut-throat video card, a glorious sound card short of having your own home theater system. You can see it perform on a top-of-the-line flat screen LCD monitor, you have a wireless mice and keyboard that feels uber good to use. The entire machine is styled to your preferences and the beast has been fine-tuned and optimised to extract every amount of computing juice to the max. The thing is just so beautiful and powerful, it brings tears to your eyes. Lastly, like a cherry to top off the cake, you connect the rig to the www via a break-neck unlimited internet connection. Things couldn’t get any better.

But the thing is, all you do with this beast of a computer is to casually surf the net. Check your e-mail, chat for a few hours,watch the newest batch of retards and numskulls on youtube, download a few mp3 tracks (illegaly at most), and get your daily dose of the blog-o-sphere and give it back your own. Collect “friends” you’ve never even met in person and when combined all of you could form a small country.

Offline, you just use a wordprocessor to create your paperwork, school work, a few poems and a couple of stories you’ve been struggling to finish. You listen to music while doing all this and from time to time clock in a few hours in the gaming world. This average and sometimes repetitive cycle is all that you do with your uber computer.

idleHaven’t you realised that when all what you needed was a pen, a piece of paper, a desk to write on, and music player you ended up spending huge money on a printing and publishing house, music and film editing studio, a military simulation facility, a conference room with full live video features and a complete PR and propaganda machine to infect the world with your self-image and ideas?

Come to think of it, isn’t true that you’re barely using the full capacity of your computer’s horsepower? You conduct a performance test only to find out that the fraction of your computer’s full capacity and capabilities that you use on your average e-life could be delivered by an another computer costing less than what’s on the price tag of your machine?

Simply put, you’re not using your computer to its full capacity, hence its full monetary value. That’s your hard earned-money idling away inside a metal box with a lease to be on the “latest model” shelf for barely three years.

Worry not too much. For there is hope in turning this investment into something worth every centavo you’ve sweated and toiled over for it.

dexterJoin in the volunteer computing become part of a worldwide computer network and use the idle time and resources on your computer (Windows, Mac, or Linux) to cure diseases, study global warming, discover pulsars, and do many other types of scientific research. It’s your easy ticket to becoming a scientist without ever getting the needed degree, reading those heavy books, putting on the white coat, gloves, goggles and spending hours of your life in the lab.

It’s simple, safe and easy to do. Just click on the links above and they’ll point you to a free software that will take care of everything: from downoading bits of projects you’ll sign up to, to managing your completed ‘research’ and sending it back to the main computer completing another phase of the project all thanks to your generosity and kick-ass pc. Without you knowing, you have just given your fair share of making this planet a better and safer place to live in.

If this is all new to you and you’re still in the dark after visiting the sites above, come back here and I’ll try to explain how it works in a follow-up post later on. Until then, I suggest browsing the sites linked above, give it a shot and spread the word about it.

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