Naruto Chapter 388: Sasuke defeats Itachi’s Tsukuyomi

Itachi_eyesThe latest Chapter in the Naruto Manga series has just been released and it shows whether Itachi has indeed succeeded in plucking one of Sasuke’s eyes. This is where the previous Chapter 387 left off; Itachi’s true plans were to keep Sasuke as a spare source of the Sharingan so that when his eyes are sealed away into blindness due to using the Mangekyou Sharingan, he could recover his eyesight and almost unlimited powers by taking Sasuke’s own eyes and transplanting it in him.

However, much like the great part of the Sasuke vs Itachi battles in this current loop of the manga series, Itachi plucking one of Sasuke’s eyes was just another illusion, a genjutsu, as this Chapter 388: The Gap Between Our Power (download) reveals. Though it wasn’t just an ordinary illusion, it was Itachi’s famed Tsukuyomi technique.

What is Tsukuyomi?

The answer could be found in the archives of the forums, user Sho lays down some basic information about this dreaded genjutsu of Itachi.

Within the Sharingan’s telepathic and hypnotical powers, the greatest genjutsu was created out of hypnosis: Tsukuyomi. On this earth, people are subject to things like time, gravity and air, and the people who can maximize their abilities are the ones who decide who is the winner and loser. However, Tsukuyomi gives the user the ability to drag his opponent to an imaginary world that the user builds, and restricts him in it.

Common sense does not apply in this imaginary world like it does in the real world. There is no possibilty of dispelling this genjutsu. People caught in this genjutsu do not know when this imaginary world will end, and the user controls everything. He shows them the punishment of hell. It makes the person caught in it crazy. Even if you are strong enough to break rocks, or fast as lightning, it matters not before this technique….that’s why this technique is feared.

If I’m not mistaken, this is the same technique used by Itachi on Hatake Kakashi when the latter former was with Kisame and attempted to kidnap Naruto shortly after the devastating attack on Konoha by Orochimaru and the Hidden Sand Village. Since “only those with the Sharingan” can dispell this technique, it is the reason why Kakashi barely survived the attack.

But Sasuke overcomes Tsukuyomi

Sasuke Sharingan

Yep, the series’ hearthrob, Sasuke overcame and defeated the Tsukuyomi technique of his older brother Itachi. This is something that apparently has never happened before as Zetsu, one of the Akatsuki who’s been watching the battle all along, comments in great surprise.

This forces Itachi to use his “other”, rumored to be more deadlier eye technique, Amaterasu in his quest to fulfill his ‘dream’. Sasuke up to now continues to surprise both us and his older brother with his new capabilities and strenght. Question now is, will Sasuke again overcome what Itachi will throw at him? We would have to wait for the next chapter for us to find out.

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  1. if kakashi survive the attack its definitely sasuke will survive the attack too. its obviously sasuke is more powerful than itachi now and i have this feeling that sasuke will suprise us by using some neo type mangekyou 😀 just a wild guess 😀

  2. Good point rod. But let's remember that Kakashi himself was surprised and puzzled as to why he wasn't killed by Itachi's Tsukuyomi when they fought after Orochimaru's attack on Konoha.

    The reason? Itachi's eyesight is already failing! And kakashi knew about this upon reflecting on that encounter. Itachi knew this as well that's why he didn't or wasn't able to use it during his second encounter with Kakashi back when they were off to rescue Gaara from Akatsuki.

    You're right though that Sasuke has one heck of a surprise for Itachi and for all of us fans. I can't wait for the next manga chapter to come out!

    Hope to hear from you again. 😀

  3. Itachi is the strongest guy you will ever see in Naruto series sasuke only defeat tsukuyomi because Itachi let him and Itachi was sick!

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