Samsung to open a factory in the Philippines?

While waiting for some official announcement or news as to whether classes in the tertiary level would be suspended tomorrow, I chanced upon this short story about Samsung pondering on the idea of opening a factory here in the Philippines.

“As far as I know, Samsung Electronics and the Philippine government are talking about the plan. However, some technical issues still remain before a final decision,” a source at Samsung told The Korea Times.

The source said the company would “announce via a regulatory filing if any concrete decision comes out,” the newspaper reported.

Philippine government officials have been talking with Samsung about constructing a plant to make integrated circuitry for chips in the Clark Special Economic Zone north of Manila in the Philippines, the report said.

In Clark eh? That’s where Hanjin, also a Koren firm, is based locally but has been in some hot water of late because of some serious string of on-site accidents claiming the lives of its workers. Tsk tsk tsk.

Going back, it seems that Korean firms are much more inclined to setup shop north of Manila, while Chinese and Japanese firms are more akin to opening theirs south of Manila like in the economic processing zones of Cavite, Laguna and Batangas. Just as observation though.

If Samsung does setup a factory in the country, would it make Samsung products a bit more affordable? I’m not keen on their mobile phones but one of the top toys in my wish-list is their hi-def LCD TVs. Just sharing some wishful thoughts here. :mrgreen:

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  1. they already have a plant in laguna. my friend is working there three years now. i think they are manufacturing CD ROM there.

    regarding LCD TV, ive seen theirs in the market and i think they are affordable for an LCD TV. pero syempre, sana mas mag mura pa with this development. 😀

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    1. Oops forgot one detail, it's an IC plant for their chips. Thanks for the mention. :mrgreen:

      I've told my mom I wanted a Samsung LCD TV, she said I can if I'll stop schooling for a semester. Very tempting but there are surely other ways to get one. And I will, eventually. 😆

  2. oh really, how i wish they will have a mass hiring for me to get a lot of chance to work with the company…just e-mail me once they start hiring…

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