Running Kindle for PC on Ubuntu Linux

When I returned to using Ubuntu Linux as my main OS, WINE or Windows Emulator was amongst the first applications to be installed.

The original plan was to install and configure a version of Photoshop CS using WINE but I haven’t got to do that yet so I opted for another great thing – running Kindle for PC on Ubuntu Linux.

It’s quite simple really, I just followed these steps from

Step One – Install Wine

sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install wine

Step Two – Obtain Kindle for PC (Windows Version)


**Note: This isn’t the lastest release, the latest version does not yet work under Wine. Thus you will need to obtain a copy from the site above.

Step Three – Run Kindle installer

wine KindleForPC-installer.exe

**The installer will launch and proceed with the installation as normal. Do not select for Kindle to start after the install, it will crash without one tweak.

Step Four – Change Windows Version for Kindle under Wine

Go to Applications, Wine, Wine Configuration. On the applications table click add application. Up should appear the virtual C drive instance for Wine. Browse to Program Files, Amazon, Kindle for PC, and select KindleforPC.exe. This will deliver you back to the application tab. Highlight the entry for KindleforPC.exe and then click the drop down for Windows Version. Select Windows 98. Click ok to accept changes and exit the Wine Configuration Utility.

Step Five – Mark the Kindle Desktop icon as Trusted

Go back to the Ubuntu Desktop, right click on the Kindle for PC icon and left click on properties. Go to the Permissions tab. Click the check box to allow executing file as program.


Now, I can access the Kindle books I’ve purchased right from Ubuntu instead of booting into my Windows Vista partition. Kudos to!

Now it’s time to check out Kindle Lending Club to easily lend or borrow ebooks from others.

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