Riding on the new Google Chrome Beta

Google has just returned the beta tag on its own browser Chrome. Just downloaded it’s new beta version which is 25% faster compared to its current stable version based on Google’s own tests.

I’m no expert in testing browser performances but so far, it’s noticeably faster than my previous installation of Chrome. Plus its nifty new features like form autofill, full page zoom and autoscroll are awesome.

Another cool feature are the different effects one can achieve in dragging tabs in a particular direction. One such effect is the “side-by-side” view as shown in the video below:

Cool right? Tried it myself and it’s cool indeed! Check out the screencap below:

Google Chrome Side-by-side view

Many of this features may not appeal to most as these are not something totally new and unique to Chrome, similar features can be found in Apple’s Safari while the same could be achieved using plugins and addons with Firefox. But it’s nice to know that everything is built-in to one browser, simple and compact. Sometimes, simplicity works best.

Try out the latest BETA version of Chrome.

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  1. I read about this a few days back and was gonna download it but somehow I totally forgot to do it. Hehe I’ll download it right now, after I finish this comment. Btw, I’m still sticking to Firefox as my main browser. 😀

  2. gusto ko lng opera pag sa mobile phone..

    auko yan version..limited yun drag and drop tapos yun blog ko na my expandable di gumagana sa

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