RH Bill opposition should take their fight to court

With a fearless forecast that the Reproductive Health bill becoming law, constitutional expert Fr. Joaquin Bernas, SJ has practically given advice to the CBCP and their anti-RH bill supporters on what to do about it.

The best approach he says, is by challenging the RH law in court and not in the streets.

In challenging the RH law in court, oppositors must really do their legal homework and attack the law piece by piece. The CBCP better take heed of Fr. Bernas’ advice real quick because as of now, their approach in opposing the RH bill lacks finesse and precision.

Noemi L. Dado has aptly described such effort by the CBCP in her tweet:

I don’t know if you can sue the devil in court but it hits right back at some RH bill supporters and bishops themselves who have called for an intelligent debate about the RH bill.

And things will not be helped by the CBCP’s alleged calls for civil disobedience and rallies against the RH bill.

In closing Fr. Bernas, gives a good piece of advice:

What this all comes down to is that a shot-gun approach to the RH Bill will not succeed. You don’t burn an entire house to make lechon. Nor will a Tahrir Square type of demonstration stop it. Such an approach can be a manifestation of intellectual bankruptcy. One must challenge each specific objectionable part and argue it out. After all, this is not a fight against a Hosni Mubarak.

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  1. Well, I agree on where to battle the RH Bill and they should do it the soonest time possible. Do the battle at the right arena. Speaking of “streets”, I saw a group of rallyists this morning while on the way to he office, bearing placards saying No to RH Bill.

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