Rewarding your visits and comments with link love

First of all, I would like to thank everyone who has visited this blog and has kept on visiting and reading this blog since it began last June of 2006. Thanks to all of you The Four-eyed Journal has grown to what and where it is today. I just can’t thank you all enough. The most notable indicators would be the rise of traffic, steady traffic and not the burst-of-the-Digg traffic over the past months.

As a result, this blog’s rankings in the two of the most notable blog-ranking sites in the Philippines has improved amazingly.

In the site, from number 4-2 this blog is currently number 1. 😀 This is no easy feat, as among the sites are some of the big blogs in the Philippine blogosphere like and the big guy, the blog overlord who oversaw the development in the early months of this blog, J Angelo’s The J Spot. I am truly humbled.


In, this blog never got passed the number 60 rank for months, but in a span of two weeks, it has climbed up and is currently in the top 50 at number 40. 😀

top blogs

If in the ranking site was tough, in, it’s a way lot tougher, for this is the big leagues of the Philippine blogosphere. My blog goes shoulder to shoulder with the big blogs like Pinoy Pundit, Straight from the Doc, and among others who have never gone below the rank of 50. Again this is just a wonderful yet humbling experience. (naks!)

Traffic is good, comments are great!

This improved and improving traffic is a good thing, it has brought more visibility to this blog, the content it has and it introduced me to some of the most amazing bloggers out there. Earnings from ads has improved as well, but not yet in the region of giving me the ability to buy an iPod Video or a MacBook, but I’ll get there eventually. Aside from this things, another factor that has contributed to this blog’s growth are the comments shared by readers, again they may not be in the twenties per day, but seeing two to three comments per entry is good news for me, unlike before it’s like the every other entry that gets a comment, and I’m sure that figure would also go up.

Enough of this self-glorification and one way self-promotion, it’s now time to let all my readers and commenters know that your contributions would not go unnoticed. For blogging, as the probloggers would say, is a give-and-take relationship between the blogger and the readers who are most often than not bloggers themselves. What do all bloggers love best? Link loves! :mrgreen:

To give all the commenters lots and lots of link love, I’ve installed just two days ago the DoFollow WP plugin, a little neat plugin by Kimmo Suominen that disables the automatic rel=”nofollow” attributes added to external links after two days the comment was made. So that’s giving back the Juice to the comments that get to stay in the entry pages of this blog.

Wait there’s more!

Aside from giving back the Juice from the comments on the individual entry pages, I’m giving back more Juice to those who comment the most by displaying a link back to their main URI, not on the entry pages but right in the sidebar where it gets displayed all throughout this blog no matter what page the Google bots and the other bots visit. This is made possible by another neat plugin by Nate Sanden called Show Top Commentators. Again this cool plugin displays a list of readers with the most comments on your WordPress blog, my sidebar in this case, with their names (linked to their website if they provided one).

This is how I’ll show my thanks and gratitude to all those who visit, read and share a comment or two in this blog. Of course, I’ll go visit, read and share a comment of mine in your blog (if you have one) for more link loves that will benefit us all.

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  1. Congratulations in all your achievements! You and your blog deserve it. You write well and your topics are good so readers really just go back for more.

    Btw, what are you using for keeping track of your blog stats? I think I'll also install the Do Follow plugin over the weekend.

    More posts, more readers and more earnings to come! 😀

  2. So I guess these new installed plugins and features will make me visit this site often. *grins*

    Kidding. Really, your site is one of the most interesting reads around.

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