Reviving the Philippine Blog Carnival

I thought by now, someone else or another group of Pinoy bloggers have overtaken the project but after doing some search on Google, it turns out that it wasn’t the case.

The Philippine Blog Carnival project is still where I last left it; an edition dedicated to the City of Manila, which was hosted by no one else than Pinay blogger Manilenya.

That last edition was the 2nd re-opening of the Philippine Blog Carnival. Filipina Soul was instrumental in helping me with that last effort. We also got a mention over at WordPress Philippines. I thank each and everyone who supported and joined that last edition.

And I also offer my sincerest apologies for not pushing through with the project and leaving it to be completely forgotten.

However, this time, I am taking a bold step in not just reviving the project, but making sure that it will live on and continue to knit a closer Pinoy blogging community.

So with this, let me present the rough road map of the third iteration of the Philippine Blog Carnival:

  • A new comeback edition this October. Nothing too big or grand, but not another mediocre and half-hearted effort.
  • Better web presence. Thanks to social networking sites, it’s much easier to promote a blog or project nowadays as compared to two years ago.
  • A dedicated home in the web. Yes, I am determined in finding a home for the Philippine Blog Carnival: it’s own unique domain and a nifty site powered by WordPress of course.

This roadmap will be polished and updated as the project moves along. Right now, picking up a new topic/theme for the comeback edition is on the top of the list. Also, I am working on a text, which would become a declaration of sorts of what I really intend and dream for the Philippine Blog Carnival. I don’t want this to be viewed as my Philippine Blog Carnival of which I have complete control and be used for my own personal gain. I want this to be a community project, something that belongs to the Pinoy blogging community.

More would be revealed and explained in the coming days as I begin to work on the project. If you’re interested in helping out with the Philippine Blog Carnival, by all means please do. You can pitch in your ideas through the comments thread below or if you’re the shy type you can shoot an email to philblogcarnival [at] gmail [dot] com.

That’s all for now, thank you for your time and here’s to a new beginning!

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