Requirements for being a candidate in the student council elections of DLSU-D

Yesterday was the start of the student council election season in DLSU-D. For yesterday was the first day of filing of candidacy for those students aspiring to become officers of the student council.

This ten working day period for the filing of candidacy will end on January 18, 2010, this was set in Section 39, Article VII of the 2008 Revised Student Election Code of DLSU-D. So by now, students of DLSU-D can expect that the three active political parties – Partido Indipendiente (PI), SINAG Political Party, and Samahan ng mga Estudyanteng Naninindigan para sa Tunay na Reporma at Ordinansa (SENTRO) Political party – are busy in assisting their prospective candidates with processing their candidacies.

The requirements for the filing of one’s candidacy is enumerated in Sec. 38 Art. VII of the same election code. These are:

a. Two (2) candidacy forms with two (2) recent uniform copies of 2×2 pictures
b. Certification of grades from the registrar’s office, of the semester preceding the elections
c. Recommendation letters from their respective Deans or from the Department Chair and noted by the Dean
d. Program or Platform of Government (for independent candidates only)
e. Certificate of good moral character issued by the Office of the Student Services
f. Photocopy of the current semester’s Registration form
g. Formal written parental consent for all candidates of USC and CSC’s
h. Other necessary requirements set by the SCE to substantiate any of the above mentioned requirements

These requirements are meant to prove that they have satisfied the qualifications for a candidate in the student council elections set forth in Sec. 37 Art. VII of the 2008 DLSU-D E-Code:

a. Be a bona fide student of the School and must have been a student of the university for at least one (1) year immediately preceding the election.
b. Carry a minimum load of fifteen (15) units during the semester or as prescribed by the college. However, candidates may appeal to the SCE if their load for the semester is less than (15) units, supported by a valid reason for such underload and certified by their College Dean.
c. Have obtained a GPA of 1.5 or higher during the semester immediately preceding the election ((For candidates for the College Student Councils, the GPA requirement is not 1.5 but according to the standard set by their respective college)).
d. Have no failing grade in any of the subjects enrolled during the semester immediately preceding the election
e. Not have been found guilty of committing any major offense

The Commissioners of the Student Commission on Elections (SCE) will then take these required documents and examine them, then decide if the aspirant will be proclaimed as an official student candidate or not.

There are several factors that can influence or determine the outcome of the SCE’s decision. These are:

  • Completeness of the requirements
  • Credibility and Validity of the requirements
  • Substance of the requirements
  • A legal challenge or opposition to the filing of candidacy of a particular student

I would go into the details of these factors in the next post. To all aspiring students out there who believe that they can be of great service to the student body, it’s wise to get familiarized with how the 2008 Election Code of DLSU-D works.

Disclosure: I am affiliated with SENTRO Political Party

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