Remember that we are in the tropics

It’s weekend already. A rainy weekend in fact and it seems that the cool wheather has kept most of us indoors and glued to our books, beds, computers and blogs. The sudden rise of new posts from my blogroll tells me that there’s a lot to keep me happily bloghopping for the rest of the weekend, unless some natural disaster or not-so-natural disaster like power outtage, connection loss, pc crash etc strikes me down hapless. I hope not.
Speaking of a rainy weekend, I’m beginning to wonder who makes the umbrellas most of us use nowadays. Has the makers of today’s umbrellas forgotten that we live in the tropics and much more our country is in the so-called ‘[tag]typhoon[/tag] belt’? It means that if it’s not hot and sunny, it’s cool and often times stormy here in the [tag]Philippines[/tag] from the months of June up until February. That’s nine months of wet rainy season with an average of 3-5 [tag]tropical storms[/tag] assaulting our country.

It seems however that most of the [tag]umbrellas[/tag] today were designed and built for the three months of dry and hot summer season. Small, compact, light, fragile and sometimes downright expensive; these words I use to describe the umbrellas we have today. Sure it’s a three-folds, even a four-folds with a designer’s name on it with the hefty price tag to boot. It even matches the color of your pants and fits snuggly in your clutch or pouch bag, but trust me, it would never stand up to the kind of storms that regularly visit our country during the other nine months of the year.

Just this morning when I went to school, it was raining quite heavily and winds blowing strongly, the usual wet and rainy wheather we get during this times of the year. Wala pang bagyo nyan ha. The small, light, compact, fragile and expensive designer umbrellas that come in all the various shades of the colors of the rainbow dot the streets like flowers putting on their summer blooms. Until reality bites hard with a strong gust of wind twisting, turning and flipping those umbrellas inside out. Bye-bye cool weekend attire, say hello to wet, groggy and muddy look. Sayang ang damit, sayang ang make-up, sira ang ayos ng buhok. Bad trip!

Mutters, curses and screams you’d hear from those hapless folks especially students and schoolmates of mine whom had been failed by those poorly designed umbrellas. So much for compactness, so much for the designer signature, so much for the hefty pricetag, and so much for the carefully chosen weekend get-up. Alam naman kasing malakas ang hangin at ulan, bakit yung mga ganoong klaseng payong pa ang dinala?

Really, someone in the umbrella making business should rethink their craft and go take one of their impractical umbrellas for a walk in the midst of the harsh tropical wheather of the Philippines. I’m sure new ideas would rain down upon them, literally. New ideas like how to make their umbrellas more suited for our type of climate and wheather. New ideas on how to make umbrellas real umbrellas, the kind that will get you through most of the harsh [tag]wheather[/tag] conditions in our tropical country.

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  1. Even if the world is small, it is very different. In Norway we have lovely weather right now and ejnoy the hot summer. Thanks for sharing your day:-)

  2. haha. good thing we don’t have classes yesterday, im only in highschool. but obviously i can’t go out. anlakas ng ulan eh. πŸ™‚

  3. @ RennyBA: I saw the pics on your blog, lovely shots and beautiful wheather you got over there. Thanks for dropping by. πŸ™‚

    @ jorge: hahaha, gnun din ako. Tinatamad talaga ako lumabas kapag umuulan. Ayaw ko pa naman magdala ng payong, ayoko kasi ng may bitbit sa kamay habang nasa labas ako. Madalas nga magalit nanay ko kasi kahit late na ako, hinihintay ko tumila kahit konti para lang makaalis ako ng walang dalang payon.

    Pero ngayon, kailangan na talaga, lakas ng ulan eh. hehehe

    @ mariel: That’s what I miss about highschool, no classes on Saturdays. The rain was heavy yesterday though, I went home with my feet soaking wet, darn it! have a nice weekend.

    Apologies for the delay in posting your comment, moderation is enabled for first-time commenters so as to protect my blog from evil spammers. Do come back and share more of your thoughts. πŸ˜€

  4. bakit nga ba ganun ang mga de-tuping payong ngayon? kahit yung mga tig-P50 sa tabi-tabi o yung mamahalin sa mall, lahat ang daling masira…

    hay i echo your wish na sana nga ayusin ng mga manufacturers ng payong yung products nila…

  5. i hate rainy days! you can't go out and can't do most of the things you wanna do. if it's hot and sunny, you can just go to the mall or stay home if you have airconditioning and go swimming. and me, i hate bringing umbrellas. i either bring a jacket or none at all. hehe.

  6. oh, kaya pala πŸ™‚
    kahit kanina rin mejo malakas pa.
    buti nga malapit lang ang school ko sa bahay namin eh, pero two years from now di na. πŸ™‚

  7. But we need not resort to umbrellas alone — there are lightweight hooded anoraks, as well as raincoats that could be folded into a tiny zippered bag. But then again, they may not be widely available here In Pinas.

    As pasalubong once, I gave such rain gear to family and friends, which they make use of to this day. Hmmmm…. maybe I should contact the guys at and co-produce a line of rain gear with them.

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