References on the Reproductive Health bill

In an effort to enrich and push forward the debate on the Reproductive Health Bill, I would like to share some resources for everyone to read in order to have an informed choice about the issue.

Most of the sources below were first published on Sir Martin Perez’ blog, I’ll reproduce it with more additions and updates of my own find:

1. FULL TEXT: HB96 REPRODUCTIVE HEALTH AND POPULATION AND DEVELOPMENT ACT OF 2010 or most popularly known as THE RH BILL. The author is Rep Edcel Lagman.

Reproductive Health Bill(HB_96)

2. Salient Points of HB 96 – for a layman’s version of the bill

Reprodutive Health HB 96- Salient Provisions

3. FULL TEXT of House Bill No 3387: Comprehensive Reproductive Health Act filed by Gabriela Women’s Party

House Bill 3387 Comprehensive RH Bill

4. Salient Points of HB 3387 – again, it’s the layman’s version for easy understanding.

Salient Points of HB 3387

5. Reproductive Health Bill (Philippines) @ Wikipedia — for a history of Reproductive health bills, population management policy and current status in the Philippines.


6. Philippine Senate Policy Brief on Promoting Reproductive Health (2009)

5. Catholics can support the RH Bill in good conscience (Ateneo, 2008)

6. Population, Poverty, Politics, and the Reproductive Health Bill (UP School of Economics, 2008)

7. 7 out of 10 Filipinos Favor Passage of RH Bill (SWS, 2008)

The following are from the collection of

8. REPRODUCTIVE HEALTH IN THE PHILIPPINES: RESPONSIBILITIES AND REALITIES by Elizabeth Angsioco National Chairperson Democratic Socialist Women of the Philippines (DSWP)

9. Setting the Record Straight on Reproductive Health Bill

10. More Than Just Reproductive Health – Dr. Nimfa Ogena

11. Business-Economic Perspective on Popdev – Dr. Ernesto Pernia


12. A National Perfidy (Society of Catholic Social Scientists Philippine Chapter, 2005)

13. Misconceptions and Clarifications on Issues Related to Humanae Vitae and the Reproductive “Health” Bill in Philippine Congress by Rev. Gregory Gaston (2009)

14. Dishonest, mediocre, anti-poor (UST Varsitarian, 2008) — a reaction to the Ateneo paper

15. Medical Primer on RH Bill by Dr. Angelita Miguel-Aguirre

16. When does life begin? a position paper by the Association of Pro-life Physicians.

Middle ground of sorts

17. Religious Perspectives on Population Development – Bishop Rodrigo Tano


Even if there are more pro-RH resources in this list, it doesn’t mean that you should also be pro-RH or that I am pro-RH, categorically to say the least.

Most of the sources from’s collection are from the University of the Philippines.

If you have more references, including your own, please share it with us through the comments below.

May these help you in making your own informed decision about the Reproductive Health bill.

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  1. I am for population control. The question here really is how it should be carried out. The Roman Catholic is blocking the state effort on this regard because they consider almost all types of family planning as contrary to the teachings of the church…but not necessarily the Bible.

    I personally believe that while the church has all the right to protest or discourage those laws not in accordance with their teachings, it must draw the line when the state is using its prerogative in defining a more comprehensive pop control program.

    We should not be another cowards against the so-called or imaginary power of this "corrupt" and "scandal-ridden" Universal Church.
    My recent post Two Factors For Success

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