Redesigned Harry Potter book covers

As a book lover, I was overjoyed to have stumbled upon this blog: The Book Design Review by Joseph Sullivan.

It basically showcases some of the most fascinating and wonderful book cover designs to hit bookshelves. I later realized that this is a whole new industry on its own.

One of the most interesting posts is this feature about alternative design covers for the best-selling series Harry Potter by J.K. Rowling.

A sample of which I’d borrow and present below:

Alternative cover for The Order of the Pheonix

This is designed by M.S. Corley and takes inspiration from the look and feel of classic Penguin Books.

Compare it to the printed version we all know today:

The cover we're more used to

Of course the alternative designs are not used in the published Harry Potter books today, but who knows right? Someday, when all the hype and craze about Harry Potter dies down, the books might be reprinted and graced by these wonderful design covers.

More redesigned Harry Potter book covers by M. S. Corley could be found here. What do you think?

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