Reasons you’re late for school

lateBeing in school almost a decade now, there were times that being late for classes really put me into trouble. From being the star of the teacher’s morning sermon, to being subjected to downright public ridicule, the ‘accused’ in school-parent meetings, being school janitor for a day even up to the point of being thrown out of class.

Let’s face it. All students at some point in their life as being students would have that day in which you’d be the last one to enter the class, half-way into the discussion or worst, an exam.

Why do we become late? Below are some of the classical reasons…

Traffic – for the commuting students, traffic is a constant threat and killer to that perfect attendance. You have to wake up late, usually before anyone else in your family, battling the sandman and the lure of that oh-so good and soft bed of yours just to get up and get ready for school for you have one heck of a journey a head – literally.

No school bus for the Pinoy student, except for those who are enrolled in the private schools which is weird really because in other countries it is the public schools that have this buses, but the general picture is if you don’t have a car or any other means of private transport, you’ll be at the mercy of the morning traffic rush.

So mastery of the local traffic scheme and trends en route to school is a must.

No uniform – for those who are required to wear uniforms at school, not having a clean and pressed set is one of the biggest upsets and tragedies that could really ruin your morning and the rest of your day.

In a desperate move, you resurrect one from the basket of ye-old-smelly-and-dirty uniforms, do some quick cosmetic fixes, iron-press the darn thing and pray to all the saints and even your ancestors that no one in school especially your friends and special ones that you’re wearing the same uniform you wore yesterday or from Monday.

The bathroom is occupied – So you have your uniform all pressed and perky for the day ahead. You’ve waken up quite early with plenty of time to spare in case you get caught in the morning traffic. You make your way to the bathroom, grab the doorknob turn it open but it wouldn’t. All you hear is someone singing some videoke song from the inside and good grief! It’s your sister or brother who spends at least an hour inside the bathroom and he or she is just half-way through with her morning routine.

Banging on the door and begging for that someone to speed things up in the bathroom could help, but if it’s an older sibling you’re in for a long argument and some more begging.

You left something at home – You’re all set to go, most often than not you’re already on your trip to school, admiring the roadside view, having the morning chat with your friend, snuggly sitting beside your special someone, happily texting away or listening to your mp3 player and then suddenly something dreadful comes to mind and your life flashes before your eyes. You left something very important back at home or at the dorm!!

From school IDs, to books, homeworks and projects to mobile phones and even your wallet. When you accidentally leave these behind at home, it feels like you’ve left behind half of what and who you are. Or sometimes it feels like going to school naked with your hands tied to your back. And your professor is ready with the guillotine, waiting for you to just walk in and surrender yourself to his or her mercy.

Silenced alarms and wrong calendars – for some strange reasons, we set the alarm before we went to bed. The alarm, ever diligent as it is, rang and went on at the exact same time you set it. Unfortunately this ruins your good sleep and you almost wreck it in the effort of turning it off. Minutes or hours later you jolt up from bed realizing that the alarm has already did its job but it’s too late for you. Only a few more minutes before classes begin. Tsk tsk tsk

Okay, maybe you’re not that cruel to your alarm clock. You promptly got up after hearing it went on but since the sandman still has you under his powers, your murky eyes got a glimpse of the calendar and thought that today is a no-class day. So back to bed with you, until of course an hour or two later you realize that…oh you know how this story goes and ends.

You woke up late, very late – this is the number one reason we become late for our classes. No amount of traffic, burning away of uniforms, lost IDs and stuff, even if you have your own bathroom in your own room, a thousand alarm clocks going on at the same time could do you any good. If you wake up late, you’re late.

Reasons could range from staying up late the night or morning before, being drunk the night before, playing online or offline games all night, or cramming to finish a due project even up to giving your self a few more ‘minutes’ of sleep after the alarm has told you it’s time to get up and get things moving.

All sounds very familiar to you doesn’t it? Well it doesn’t affect students too, even the working class have these reasons for being late.

Do you have a reason I haven’t mentioned? Do you know of some remedies or workarounds for this terrors of the perfect attendance?

Do share them and wait, I have to go, I’m late!

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  1. Once upon a time, when I was in still in school, I came to class late because I got so hung up with Y! chatting at the school's learning resource unit. Hehe.

  2. yes, chatting.

    and another is cramming for an exam or trying to finish a paper or a project or something.

    or the line at the bakery was too long and you couldn't get your pandesal fast enough.

    or playing a game.

    a classic one is you had a fight with your mom,dad,sis,bro,cat,dog,parrot,etc.

    or brownout. My favorite is "may bangaan sa may amin"

  3. add to that miscommunication with driver. right now, i am doing damage control–my daughter is on her way to rockwell, because of a miscommunication with new driver, they are now somewhere in the vicinity of san juan (from QC). omg! just why are they there? caught in trffic, i wonder if she will ever reach school i time for dismissal (LOL)

  4. that is quite silly dont ya think look it is not good to be late for school….. lol wat the hell am i on bout im late right now lol.!.!.!

  5. I'm late right now! I find If I'm late by 15 minutes then I don't get in trouble but If I'm late five I do. Right, gotta go. Also I'm not leaving because its raining and I just dried my hair.

  6. Hi, this is Raghavendra from Bangalore! ( Kendriya Vidyalaya MEG)

    Well guys, in my experience, I would advise all students to ‘never go to school late’ Punctuality is a Must .

    Its verry important because it is the first impression you give about whether or not you care about ur school & its discipline .

    You May have many personal problem, intense emotional (difficult) problem or teacher problem or some other problem with school, but you should keep it aside, and try to be regular in ur school . ( I KNOW ITS TUFF BUT STILL U NEED TO TRY) It doesn’t matter if you study well, It doesn’t matter if you are not good at sports, all that matters in school is ‘Punctuality’.

    About me : Being in school almost a 9 years & going late everyday, From being admirable person to Loafer/Joker of the class, Being,public ridicule & facing humiliation, Public Kneel down and there was the point of being thrown out of School. I eventually Lost Interest in education and became curse of all teachers . So please please and please never go to school late because I know the pain as i have experienced.

    Bottom line is, I don’t want others to suffer what I have gone .

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