Rant: AVG Free is cool, the way it updates is annoying

Hopefully, the first word on the title could’ve been a fair warning that this post is rant-off, of sorts. However, so that it won’t be a complete waste of time I’ll try to be objective and fair as much as I can. Ready?

So here we go, the very first anti-virus software I used was then PC-Cillin 2002 by TrendMicro. It came bundled for free when I got first got this PC back in 2003. Being the OC geek that I am, paranoia dominated my attitude towards keeping my PC clean and free of those nasty viruses, trojans, spywares, worms and malware. So it helped me maste the habit of scanning every floppy disk, which was then replaced by thumb drives, downloaded archives or files from the internet with PC-Cillin.

God bless the team from TrendMicro for I loved the PC-Cillin. It simply worked and worked wonderfully it did. My friends and classmates would cry out whenever a virus or trojan slips past their AV software and wreak havoc in their systems. I on the other hand remained a happy malware-free PC user.

It detected, cleaned and stopped every malware that attempted to break or sneak into my PC, worked smoothly in the background and updated itself automatically and notifying me of its successful update via a small unobtrusive bubble in the system tray. Life was good back then.

The happy days ended when my complimentary license expired and I was being nagged to fork over some $60.00 or more in order to get the newest version of PC-Cillin back then, complete with a year’s worth of monthly virus database updates. No effin way!

So I began to search for alternatives to the PC-Cillin brand. Something that would be as tough and powerful on nasty viruses, worms and other malware but not on my empty pockets. The world of free anti-virus softwares was introduced to me, and very much to my delight if I may add!

AnnoyingAVGThe first free anti-virus software I used was aVast from ALWIL software. It was effective and powerful to keep my PC clean and safe plus it’s totally for free. Unfortunately, one issue I discovered about it is that it doesn’t delete the old anti-virus database files. The updates were installed and stored in its installation folder. This was something relevant and made a lot of sense. However, as the months went by, I noticed that the free hardisk space was shrinking. After some snooping around, I found out that it was aVast’s virus database files that were what’s hogging up my free hardisk space. Whenever it downloads new updates, the files are installed and stored in the hardisk. The older files are stored as well. Eating up hardisk space and burdening my PC.

So aVast went out the windowS XP. (No pun intended :mrgreen: ) It was replaced by Grisoft’s AVG Free Anti-virus. It worked like the others before it, robust, powerful and quite reliable in keeping nasty malwares out of my PC. The anti-virus database files have been regularly installed while the older files were deleted or over written so it doesn’t eat up that much server space. I loved AVG Free and continues to do so today. Well most of the time.

Everything seemed so ‘perfect’ until something popped-up. Literally. Everytime AVG Free would update itself over the internet, a window would pop-up, download the files needed and install them later on – in another window that pops out.

And that is what’s really annoying. Regardless of whether you’re blog-hopping, creating threads in online forums or even if you’re an ordinary student just typing out his project, a pop-up window will appear and notify you with the update process which is mandatory of course if I ever wanted to keep my PC clean. Which is why there’s only one button clickable on that pop-up window, the ‘Cancel’ button. Again, why would I cancel updating my AVG Free? This is really annoying for it disturbs work sessions, creative processes and blog-hopping.

Why the Grisoft team used a pop-up window instead of a small, unobtrusive bubble in the sytem tray is beyond me. But guys!?! Why a pop-up? Why?

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  1. my all-time fave antivirus is Kaspersky…but it’s not free so I’ve been using Avast for quite some time now…I haven’t notice the space it takes up.

    Anyway, I can relate to what you said about AVG…it’s what I use at the office (not my choice) and it’s really annoying…those darn popups…esp the last one, the one that pops up when the update is done…it just has to be active window! very distracting…

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  2. AVG annoying? Hell no! The only thing you need to do is press OK when it's finished. 99% of the time I even don't know he's updating.

    In general, great anti-virus that never let me down in all these years.

  3. Well, it’s very easy to disable the dialog and have AVG update itself completely hidden, in the background. Described (not only) in the AVG Free discussion forum. In the AVG Control Center – in Properties, just uncheck the proper box….

  4. i am an AVG user for like 4 years and i have the things you rented on. it was not a big deal to me then as i see it, we get to higher standards of PC use environment as we venture on, or perhaps as we get better technology and relevant tools. right now, i am using Avira AntiV – the same thing it does with the AVG, something pops out and you got to click something to have he pop up minimized. just one click though and its done. i think patience is needed with these free things we get over the web. but oh well, who wouldn't like smooth and undisturbing computing experience anyway. try some workarounds dude.. maybe it can be worked out.

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