R.I.P. 103bees.com

While testing this blog’s new page load times to see how using Amazon S3 + Cloudfront has improved it, I’ve noticed a significant lag was caused by the tracking script from 103bees.com.

It’s one of the most popular analytics sites/services a few years ago when the blog-o-sphere was still obsessed with SEO and making money of the ‘the long tail’ of search.

I signed up to keep track of this blog and the results were quite interesting, providing me information that formed the basis of some of the great posts in the Archives.

Some of the last funny queries on 103bees.com
What I really like about 103bees.com is the “Odd Search Queries” feature in which it reports on the strange and funny things visitors search on a user’s blog/website.

So when the tracking script was causing some lag, I thought 103bees.com have made some updates so I decided to log in to my account.

Lo and behold, the homepage won’t load. Checking the site using downformeoreveryone.com, it says that the site is indeed down. A Google search gave the same results, each link to 103bees.com would lead to a dead end. They have closed shop.

A snapshot of their blog is available on Google cache, taken August 5, 2010 04:11:21 GMT. It shows that the last blog post was made last February of 2009!

Strange that 103bees.com closed down without even an announcement or being reported in the tech news. Then again, little was heard of from the site or the team behind it, they simply faded into the background and silently went under.

I had my share of those funny queries and it really left me scratching my head, not before leaving me almost laughing my head off. Ade also had a pretty amazing collection of this, I believe. So long 103bees.com, it was fun while it lasted.

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  1. Do you know a substitute for this sort of feature?
    I have a standard wordpress blog (if I’m not being clear, I have the one you can’t use plugins – so no Google Analytics for the moment :/) so I’m using statscounter, and they don’t have a feature that shows search terms and links that directed to my blog.


  2. I really miss 103Bees. If I remember correctly, some of the stranger search terms people got to my site by were related to cowboys having intercourse with sheep or other animals. And I don’t write about bestiality.

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