Quicklinks roundup: Virgina Tech, joint ventures, loosing jobs, summer rain and romance

It’s been a long long while since I last did a speedlinking post. Here’s the second one and it’s quite long but an interesting mix of reads from the blogs that I’ve subscribed to using Google Reader.

So without further delays here are the latest posts from The Four-eyed Journal Blog Roll.

  • Seung Cho is a paranoid schizophrenic writes the Empress of Drac. She basically dissects the profile of the now infamous Korean student who went on a massive shooting spree at the Virgina Tech University last April 16, 2007. Our prayers goes out to the victims and their families.
  • From Big Mango: A wish to change the World which could become possible by joining TED. A community about ideas and sharing. They give prize money to make that wish or idea a reality. Clinton has joined, so as Cocoy. If you would join, what would be your wish?
  • Bikoy continues to chronicle his internship at Living Asia Channel and has just conducted an experiment involving jeepneys, MRT and traffic at Quezon City just to break the Office Routine. Too bad the experiment got spoiled, oh well. There’s always the next time.
  • Chris Garrett critiques another blog, this time it’s OPENXTRA Blog. This is the latest installment of his series where he marks, criticizes, ranks or scores your blog, upon request of course, and then gives his impressions and advices. Bloggers could learn a lot from this project of Chris.
  • Click Mo Mukha Mo! has gotten into beta testing of Joost. It is the latest project of the founders of Skype and Kazaa. It’s a peer-to-peer TV sharing platform. It’s not like Youtube or the other video-sharing site in that Joost is backed by the content developers (ie networks) like MTV, BET, Paramount Pictures and Warner Music. If you’re interested in beta testing as well, contact him quick because the invites are only for the first three persons to request for one.
  • Filipina Soul has a poll, asking for what is your favorite mall in Manila. Go and visit to vote for your favorite mall. I’m having a hard time choosing between Mega Mall or the Mall of Asia.
  • Half Sigma writes something that could give some geeks some relief; Dell brings back XP. Micro$oft is dreaming if it thinks that consumers would readily swallow Vista after all the bungles, confusion and bugs they have shown.
  • Jaypee has something on the delay of the WordPress 2.2’s release. Tagging support has been pushed back to WP 2.3 and they focus now on ironing out the bugs for core support for widgets instead.
  • JD has a podcast that helps us choose between a Sole proprietorship or a Partnership. The shownotes give a preview of what’s in store in the podcast. An interesting one indeed.
  • Darwin of Juicelog says it’s hotness all over as he is driven nuts by the soaring temperatures in Manila today. He hoped the magic of the rain maker would bring some cool relief and he did got it. It rained at around 12 noon where he’s located.
  • Gail dela Cruz-Villanueva pens an interesting post about the fear of the unknown after seeing a documentary on TV about sharks how people have always misunderstood those beautiful creatures of the sea. She reflects on taking risks, planning for the future and about your business ventures. A nice companion to JD’s podcast mentioned earlier.
  • Madhur Kapoor has a neat post on how to create a BootLogo for Vista. Would love to try it out myself but I am happy with my Ubuntu right now.
  • Nalen of Manilenya answers the question “Bakit ako nagbabblog?” (Why do I blog?) Her answers are profound and a must read for those who’d like to know more about blogging and why one should start one.
  • Misteryosa.com has a very interesting formula: Blogging Vacation + Inuman (drinking). Something I haven’t had in a long while. So anyone up to joining Shari?
  • Nostalgia Manila has something special in the offering. The second part of an exclusive interview with Roger Rigor of VST and Company. Ah yes, good times, good music.
  • Philiblogs has a post that I agree with 1001%: Raul Gonzales is obnoxious. Why? He blames US Peace Corps’ Julie Campbell’s death on Julie Campbell herself. Now why can’t just the secretary of InJustice just di….oh nevermind.
  • Sonnie starts a series that’s a must read for all those how have a job right now: How to loose your job. In the following days he’ll dig in the issues of the little things an employee could do to get terminated, acts that can cause job termination and to salvage what is left, the legal options available to both employee and employer.
  • TechSpot.net spills the beans on the latest Mac OS X major security updates from Apple. If you’re on a Mac I’d say give it a read and get those updates.
  • Dr. Jeffrey S. Epstein on hair transplant as he is one of only 30 doctors worldwide accepted in the IAHRS, plus 60% of Dr. Epstein’s hair transplant patients travel to his Miami and New York City clinic for their hair restoration procedure.
  • Lastly, Touched by an Angel brings love and cuteness earlier than the Valentine season in her aptly named post; The Couple that blogs together, stays together. Talk about summer romance right?

There you have it, the latest and juiciest blog posts from the Four-eyed Journal BlogRoll. A varied and rich list worthy of a good bloghopping session for this weekend.

Catch you all again next time around.

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  1. – Virginia Tech: Korean guy's father killed himself.

    – Si-Raul-o Gnzales is more than obnoxious — he's arrogant, stupid, and totally clueless.

    – Gimik: Huwat?! You're not going with us?! :p

  2. @ melai: Shempre naman, di lang ako mahilig magcomment nitong nakaraan. At sa May 1, nasa Maynila ako. hehehe

    @Shari: It's sad really. I guess his father did it from shame.

    Gonzales is a nut case.

    The gimik is this friday right?

    @Madhur: No problem dude, nice work.

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