Quick reviews: The Grudge 3

Naoko performing the ritual to end the curse
Naoko performing the ritual to end the curse

Since our classes were officially cut earlier today, the girlfriend and I took the chance to see a movie since we’ve been wanting to watch Year One starring Jack Black since the past weekend.

However, plans suddenly changed when we found out that The Grudge 3 was also now showing at SM Dasmariñas. Without giving it a second-thought, we bought tickets to see the third installment of the franchise.

I am confused up to now because the movie poster mentioned “from Sam Raimi, director of Drag Me to Hell” so I thought he was the film’s director or executive producer. But Sam Raimi’s name was never mentioned in the opening and closing credits. So what gives? Was it just a promotional stunt?

Because the look, feel and camera work of the movie had Sam Raimi written all over it. Moving on, the movie was good, it really had us holding our breath for most of the scenes where the ghosts attacked their victims.

Choice scary scenes

The scariest scene for me was when Kayako went after Dr Sullivan at the clinic. The clean and white walls plus the locked doors really pumped up the scare factor of the scene.

The most ‘creative’ (no pun intended) attack was the one on the resident artist Gretchen. Kayako being invisible and showing only red hand prints on the floor then finally coming out of a painting and making a deadly art work on Gretchen’s face. It even scares me as I write this.

Killer twist

Most people I know who’ve seen the first two films complain that they barely understood the story because of the movie’s flow. Most of them doesn’t even understand why Kayako and her son were murdered to begin with.

All these questions and more were answered in the third film, with a clearer script which really told the story. The most essential part was that finally, a solution to ending the curse was at hand thanks to Naoko. I think it was my first time to see an exorcism, Japanese-style. Though striking a bow’s string and with some Japanese chants were a bit too plain and simple for a Japanese ceremony, I did enjoy it because the sounded like a lightsaber being waved around. Okay, moving on…

One twist at the ending though sort of killed it for me, again no pun intended, since the ritual worked in ending Kayako’s killing spree which meant a closure to the whole story, or so I thought, but when Naoko’s ghost started to do some killing only hinted that there would be a new movie to follow soon. Would her niece, Toshio, be included in it as well?

All in all, The Grudge 3 is a good movie if you want to take a break from the offerings of recent movies shown today. It’s nice to be scared every now and then. Fans of the franchise would surely enjoy this third installment and would look forward to the fourth one.

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