Quick links: Blogparteeh07, WordPress 2.1 and Wikipedia

Crappy Globelines broadband has once again stopped me from getting online since yesterday. Still, a 50% rebate, as I was told by one of their CSRs, on January’s bill is better than no compensation or improvement of their services at all. Anyways, on with today’s quickie.

Haven’t upgraded to WordPress 2.1 yet, my plugins – a small number of them now – are still not compatible with “Ella” or as the new version is named after. I’m sticking with my plan of sitting it out for a couple of weeks, watch out for bug reports and monitoring the authors of the plugins I use to see if they have brought their plugins up to speed with WordPress 2.1. The J Spot had to downgrade because of of the Tag archives issue which I also use for this blog, which again underscores one important task for all of us bloggers, back up your database! For those who did make the switch, how’s the upgrade so far?

The Blog Parteeh has had so much buzz already it’s the #6 tag in Technorati (Its’ down to #7 as I write this). Too bad my post with the right tag is still not seen by Technorati bots so up to now, I’m still waiting, hoping and praying for an invite.

Finally, engtech writes about the recent usage of the rel=”nofollow” tag on all external links by Wikipedia in its attempt to deter spammers and says Wikipedia Loses the Google Juice. He also offers a brilliant solution which the Wikipedia guys should seriously consider.

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  1. You know what, I have several plugins that aren’t listed as compatible to 2.1 but they work just fine after the upgrade.

    What plugin are you using for your tag archives? Coz I also use it in my blog and I didn’t have to update the plugin and still works for me.

  2. I’m using Ultimate Tag Warrior plugin. It’s the only plugin that’s preventing me from making the upgrade. All my other plugins are now compatible with WP 2.1

    Are you using UTW too? What version and how is it?

  3. I’m also using Ultimate Tag Warrior but I have extended live archives and smart archives.

    Actually I have 2 versions of UTW, I just realized it just now..hehe one version is 3.1415926 and the other is 1.3 Legacy.

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