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MindSuffering from another case of [tag]writer’s block[/tag], growing schoolworks and a terrible headache again, so I’ll just be serving you some quick links to some web and blog tid bits and delights I found from my RSS subscriptions.

[tag]Health[/tag] and [tag]technology[/tag]

Successful Transplantation From Pig Embryos To Mice from ScienceDaily. It’s a good news for Diabetics out there. Your days of daily insulin shots, fearing blindness, amputation and other complications are now numbered as a new research has succeded in using pig embryo tissues transplanted in mice to grow insulin-producing tissues in the pancreas of mice with diabetic-like conditions. The research paves the way for pre-clinical trials that will improve this procedure so that it could be used to treat human patients afflicted with [tag]diabetes[/tag].

Mosquitos are now a step closer to help fight Malaria. Yes, you read it right, a study has discovered some Mosquito genes that help the insect fight off the Plasmodium parasite that causes the deadly [tag]malaria[/tag] disease in humans. Throw in some genetic engineering and in the future, we may have mosquitos that are actually helping in the eradication or controll of this age-old human killer.

Paranoid over your [tag]Internet security[/tag]? Well, It’s time to update your Internet security arsenal. It’s a nice article from pcworld.com, plus some 20 Great Utilities you could download for FREE to improve your pc’s performance.

Jong has finally had his share of [tag]blogging[/tag] stardom as he was interviewed by berlin of seoluv. Congrats Jong! Big time ka na, hahaha

Stretch your ethical stands:

A British Cardinal urges that the British Parliament amend its present abortion laws to make the legislation more up-to-date. From a limit of 24 weeks, Cardinal Cormac Murphy-O’Connor suggests. To better undestand the [tag]Bristish Abortion Law[/tag], here’s a quick and easy Q & A link.

[tag]Abortion[/tag]: right or wrong? Share your thoughts.

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  1. That is indeed great news, especially for those afflicted with diabetes.

    However, some would argue that cutting out sugar (not fructose, but glucose and other forms of table sugar) altogether from one’s diet is the best way to deal with diabetes. But we’ve become so dependent on sugar that attempting to do so seems virtually impossible.

  2. Hindi pa naman siya gamot, pag-aaral pa lang. Pero sana nga ay maging abot-kaya ang mga gamot na manggagaling sa mga bagong pag-aaral na ito.

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