Pushing for WordPress even at Work

This blog may have been suffering from a prolonged lack of updates but it doesn’t mean that I’ve stopped working with and using WordPress. The regular job has eaten most of my time but not my passion for WordPress. In fact, during the times I’ve been unable to post updates here, I’ve been posting updates, albeit work-related, to a different blog that is also powered by WordPress.

The full details cannot be shared with you all, but suffice it to say, I’ve been using WordPress to power my work-related sites to facilitate collaboration in my team at work.

Basically it’s a private collaboration site that’s built on WordPress as laid out in this old, yet nifty tutorial from The Next Web.

It uses a WordPress installation running the P2 theme and made private by the plugin “Registered Users Only” by ViperBond007. That’s how simple the setup is and it works like a charm.

With the setup, my team has a central location to look for updates to be followed in the workflow, exchange ideas, coordinate our efforts which led to improved productivity and allowed us to share best practices. Take note that in my team, I’m the only one who is familiar with WordPress yet everyone was able to login and use it without much trouble after just a quick 3-minute tour of how they are to use it.

It’s so useful, my Manager has asked me to teach her how to set it up and deploy it as an internal platform to deliver training materials for the entire site! It’s just another reason why WordPress and Free and Open Source Software is so awesome!

I’d talk about how the whole thing will develop in the coming days with a focus on how to get the whole thing setup and running on a corporate network and addressing challenges like mass user registration and performance issues. Fun! Fun! WordPress Fun!

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