Problems with Sony Ericsson Update Service software + Vista

For now I’m giving up on fixing the corrupted Java games on my Sony Ericsson K800i phone because of time constraints (I have a lot of more important things to do for today). It’s all because Sony Ericsson’s Update Service Software is having problems running on my Vista laptop. Trying this step first because I don’t want to do a master reset on my phone.

Tried this workaround from Esato forums by running the Update Service as an administrator.

Right Click on the Sony Ercisson Update Service shortcut on the desktop and under Compatibility tab, goto Show settings for all users, and tick “run this program as an administrator” under privilege level.

This finally got the Update Service software running and downloading the latest updated firmware for my K800i. I thought it would take only less than half an hour just like on my PC running XP, but not this time. I was already done preparing my school uniform and all the things I’ll be bringing with me to school but lo and behold, the darn Update Service software is still taking time out after I chose English as my preferred language.

My hunch is that it really does take that too long a time and I’ll try again when I have more over this weekend. The same issue first appeared when I installed the PC Suite for the K800i on my laptop which took almost 45 minutes! Again things went a lot faster on my PC running on XP.

Another crappy thing about Vista I guess, or the Sony Ericsson guys need to improve their support softwares.

Be back with updates and how I fixed my main problem of corrupted Java games on my phone this weekend. That is if I could fix it without the need to do a master reset. Oh dear God!

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  1. That sucks! Sorry to hear that dude. Hope you'll be able to fix that issue soon. If I had the choice, I'd still use Windows XP on my new laptop. The problem is finding the right drivers. 🙁

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