Problems with GTalk and Twitter – Help!

I signed up for a Twitter account three days ago as I thought it would be a good alternative to putting back a shoutbox on my blog.

It was neat, simple and one of the hottest things to hit the web today. Well, over at North America and Europe probably because I’ve yet to see a Pinoy blogger or Asian blogger to use Twitter. Anyways, it was delightful to know that Twitter can be used with most IM clients like Jabber, AIM, and yes GTalk. Strange enough, Yahoo! Messenger is not yet supported, in the future perhaps?

Anyways, I set up my Twitter to work with my GTalk account and unfortunately, I can’t get it to work. I followed every single step listed in the Settings>Phone & IM page, added to my friends’ list in GTalk yet nothing happened. A new friend called Twitter is suppose to appear but it doesn’t. I opened my GAIM client, signed up for a new Jabber account, started the process all over again but to no avail. So what’s wrong? I have no freakin’ idea.

I’m not alone

Googling around for a possible fix, this problem is not an isolated case as Blog on Travel commented on Digital Inspiration’ little walk through on how to Use Google Talk with Twitter. He said:

Unfortunately Twittering through Gtalk is so slow! It has not worked yet for me. I tried it several times and got nothing sent yet! The contact keeps on going offline when I send messages.. and responds in about 4 minutes to a simple “help” command.. They will need to invest money in servers… or maybe yahoo will buy this service like they did with MyBlogLog.

Lucky for him, GTalk is just slow to send his messages to Twitter. I on the other hand have not yet even verified my IM account with Twitter. Talked to Jaypee this morning about this little problem of mine over at GTalk, he signed up for his own Twitter account and tried to get his IM working with Twitter too. Like what happened to me, he ran into the same problems.

Get better servers

So what’s wrong with Twitter? I guess Blog on Travel is right, the folks over at Twitter needs to get their hands on better servers or even sell it to Yahoo! so that it can be integrated with Yahoo! Messenger as well. I gave up on fixing this myself as the problem is clearly on Twitter’s side. So after publishing this post, I’ll go write the Twitter guys an e-mail for help.

Need help

If you do have a fix for this, please tell me about it in the comments thread below, I’ll greatly appreciate it.

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  1. Thanks for the mention! Hehe 😀

    I'll try to work on this again tomorrow. Hopefully we find a fix or solution to this soon so we can start playing with it. 🙂

  2. In fact, twitter bot replies me (from time to time), but then I am not able to send messages to my twitter through gtalk.. I think twitter servers' cannot handle so much traffic (yet). Like you said there is a lot of buzz going on about twitter (it made it to the TOP 10 of technorati popular searches).

    In other words they're suffering from their success.. even their webpage responds VERY slowly.. I tried 3 different ISP, response is the same.

    I guess their google bot is being flooded all day long.. Let's hope somebody will invest money in this great company! Keep us posted if you have news about it.

  3. You're right Tom, ever since this morning I have difficulties in loading the Twitter homepage. Massive traffic we suppose. It's a good innovative service, I hope they get to fix this issues real soon.

  4. There was indeed a problem with Twitter IM. I joined only a few days ago (or was it yesterday?) and I couldn't verify my IM account until late today. I tried GTalk and Jabber with LiveJournal – but it simply was offline.

    Now everything works fine though.

  5. It's funny coz it works on my laptop but no here in my desktop. Dunno what's the difference between this two. I'll have to check the settings for Gaim which is what I'm using for GTalk. 🙂

    @jhay – Has it worked for you already?

  6. @ Jaypee: Nope, it still hasn't worked with my GTalk. I'll try again this time with GAIM.

    @ Tom: Thanks for tip about Triqqr, I'm using it already but I'm not quite happy with it. Well, at least I'm able to use Twitterize outside of my Twitter page. 😉

  7. Like you, I too tried deleting the IM setup and added GTalk again. It did not work for me…what else should I try????

  8. Yeah, i got familiar with this gtalk hack when a hacker friend sent me a similar file send request. I wonder why its still not patched:) did you receive any mail from google. In past even i mailed google about a embedded exploit in gtalk that can grant full access to the other person. Pretty critical. Still unpatched… google engineers listening??

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