Problems with Globe 3G/GPRS & MMS

We all know of Globe Telecom’s new 3G/GPRS/HSDPA rates and how it received warm welcomes from users. It’s now similar to what rival Smart is offering but their version is slightly different. I immediately switched over to their new time-based charging scheme last Monday, April 10 by texting “time” to 1111. Below is the exact SMS confirmation message I received soon after:

U have successfully shifted to TIME Browsing w/ the ff Terms & Conditions:
1. U will be charged P5 for every 15mins of mobile internet cnection regardless of the no./type of sites visitd (ex. myGlobe/Yahoo..)
2. Succeeding connections will be chargd P5 for 15mins;
3. No refund will be made if disconcted before the 15 mins are up
4. This is only applicable to browsing w/in the Phil.

A bit greedy and harsh if I may say but it’s way better than their greedier per KB charging. However, problems soon appeared and are still causing me frustration and disappointment with Globe Telecom.

Ever since I switched over to their new time-based charging scheme, I can no longer send and receive MMS messages. Even browsing on wap sites using my SE K800i became very slow and often times intermittent.

Immediately, last Tuesday, I called up Globe’ infamous Customer Help hotline and reported my problem. A report was made by the agent that took my call and I was told to wait for their customary 24-hour turn-around period and God-willing, I would be able to send and receive MMS messages again.

Unfortunately, I was still not able to. So again I called up Customer Service to follow up on my case. The agent told me that the system deactivated my MMS service because my balance once reached below Php50, which is required to send and receive MMS messsages. Okay…

I told them that at that time, my balance was somewhere above Php400 and that even though my balance went down below Php50, I never had this kind of problem. Perhaps it’s because I switched to the new time-based charging rates and that this is a bug in their network.

A bug that persisted

It was day two of my ordeal and after waiting for another 24 hours for their technical team to do their blunder magic, I was still unable to send and receive MMS messages.

Wednesday was the 3rd day and so I made another phone call, again was given the same old routine of waiting for another 24 hours for the remedy to work because as far as they are concerned, their technicians have “manually” activated my MMS service and everything was OK.

Right, as what I’ve told the CSR, “Would I be calling customer service if the problem has been already fixed?” This controlled outburst was returned with their customary apologies for the inconvenience as a result of their crappy system, network and employees.

A female CSR lied to me

Earlier this afternoon, Thursday, at around 5:30pm I made my 4th call because I’m still having the same problem. The same script was played out to me; “Sir, as of today OK na po ang inyong MMS sa aming system.” 😯

My response: “Tatawag ba ako sa inyo kung may problema pa ako? This is the 4th day I’m having this problem and this is the 4th call and still, nothing positive has happened. I still could not send nor receive MMS messages.”

I expected the customary apologies from her but what she told me next really struck a nerve. She asked me for my location, “Silang, Cavite” I told her. She put me on hold for 2 minutes while she “checked” something in their system. When she returned, she told me that since their system is saying that my MMS service is “activated” everything is OK. My problem may be caused by an “ongoing system enhancement in Tagaytay City” and I should wait for another 24 hours for this to be totally resolved.

“System enhancement” my ass! 😡

After that conversation with that female Globe CSR, I re-dialed the customer service number and when a new CSR picked up my call, a male agent this time around, I asked if there was an “ongoing system enhancement in Tagaytay City” at that very moment.

He told me that there was none. Being puzzled, he asked me why I asked. I told him, “that’s what your fellow agent told me a while ago when I followed up my MMS problems.” After re-telling my story for the 5th time and after the guy seeing the record of my account, he once more offered his apologies for this inconvenience, he would file another report to their technical support team and the whole cycle just repeated itself, adding much more to my frustrations and aggravations.

To everyone at Globe, and I mean everyone, I understand that these things happen. But for the love of God and the welfare of your PAYING customers, do your jobs right and with decency.

It’s understandable that it could get difficult if you CSR agents run out of things to say when your protocols or scripts do not cover every query or response from us customers, but to lie to us?! Nakakahiya, La Salle alumni pa naman ang presidente ng kumpanya nyo.

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  1. oh my gosh, Globe service reps suck big time. Oh yeah, Globe 3G doesn't work as a modem on my macbook. so I ditched that and went back to smart 3g.

    back to my horror story. I called up to report of intermittent wireless connection . This inept Globe rep starts to point out that maybe there are too many computers hooked to wireless. Only one was. (our plan says up to 3 computers since we have 2 mbps)

    She made it appear it is my fault. I was so pissed at her and told her not to pass the buck at me because i am certain it was a Globe network problem. I think they read a script without taking a breath. She continued to diagnose and made it appear it was not a Globe problem. I stopped her from reading her script and just fix it.

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  2. actually.. it seems that globe has been having problems with its GPRS (and presumably the rest of it's internet connections) the past two weeks or so.. at least that's when i started noticing it..

    check out your phone's GPRS signal indicator and you'll see that it's not getting any.. and since MMS is sent via GPRS, you won't be able to send any of those either..

    funny thing is, it's been down for so long (til now even) but there is still no mention of any system maintenace or any other announcements for the benefit of their users and that is just bad business practice… although i do fail to see what globe's president being from la salle has to do with anything.. :mrgreen:

  3. I had a terrible experience with Globe ( I have been a loyal subscriber since they started but they just lost touch in taking care of their customers.

    I have been fighting the way they were charging their 3G service before. And the signal, the speed are terrible. Smart has already left them behind. Sad to say for such a great company before now just plainly greedy and they suck.

  4. if you want to surf with Globe in 3g/HSDPA speeds, u need to have a separate postpaid 3g/HSDPA plan with them.that’s the bottom line.

    im a 3yr postpaid Globe subscriber and according to them, if you want 3g surfing access, u need to sign up for their 3g/hsdpa plan.

    no thanks.for mobile browsing, stick to Smart.

  5. Still after a year since these comments had been posted, I think Globe just got worse. Not only was it hard to connect to their 3g services, it drains your load like the vampire drains his victim's blood. I called up the customer service to have my number investigated. The agent told me to wait for 3-5 days and when I did a follow up on the 4th day, some agents told me it's not yet the 5th day. hahaha! So let's give them credit for that. Come 8th day after nth times of calls, nobody can still give me a good explanation for my drained load. And when somebody finally called me up to give the results, she told me that I've been browsing my company's website that's why they charged me for the data sent. That was such a big lie because I did not browse our company's email again using my phone since I had my broadband connected 6 months ago. After that, she gave me another bunch of crappy excuses which irritated me more. She offered me to return the lost load but with all those *t I asked her not to because I think they need the money more that's why they keep on "stealing" their customers' hard-earned money. Good thing I switched to SMART…really way better!

  6. the village where i live was flooded for almost a month and my connections with globe is obviously cutoff and after the water subsided i phoned them and asked when will my line with internet will resume and they assure me that within the second week of november and that they were having systems restorations in our place because it was badly damage by the flood.

    now its almost end of november but the promisses really were made to be broken coz my landline is not yet been functioning but my internet did on the 24 of november, i dont know really if they were liars or something, what irritates me really , is that theres a promo along the road that Globe will have an internet and landline in less than ten days, imagine that, how could it happend when we are the old customers been waiting for the restoration, im thinking that they only want to collect higher bills for thier services as i have seen thier offers much higher than what im paying. please do us favor to answer all my doubts and when will my phone be restored? my bp rises everytime i phoned globe tired of hearing thier excuses and promisses………

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