Posters of numbers and colors for Baby Julia

What used to be posters of Che Guevara, Gundam Wing and John Lennon on my bed room wall, now hangs a poster of numbers and some primary and secondary colors.

Numbers and Colors
Julia enjoys looking at them, even cooing as if saying the numbers out loud

They are for Julia who is about to turn three months old this September. She has progressed so much this past few months, doubling her birth weight and growing by as much as three times her original size!

Most friends who get to see her, mistake her for a baby who’s already four months or older. She’s started to smile, laugh, coo and make noises more often than before. Julia especially enjoys being talked to by almost everyone in the house. She may not speak yet, but Julia responds with giggles, sighs, coos, laughter and the occasional screams. It’s as if she’s enjoying the conversation.

When no one else is around to talk or play with her, I carry her up close to the two posters on the wall. Her personal favorite I think is the Numbers poster because of the many bright colors and shapes that accompany each number. Just get her close to the poster and she’d belt out an excited giggle.

She quites down and pays attention as I use her tiny and cute hands to point and count each number 1 to 20. It’s perfect to stimulate her developing brain and growing curiosity. Hopefully too, this will imbue her with a more profound interest in Math which we her parents apparently lack.

The other poster shows the primary and some secondary colors with an accompanying picture. Being a girl, her favorite on this one is the pink dress. Just watching her giggle and reach out for the posters is positive sign that she is progressing quite well.

She has started to lift her head and chest up, getting annoyed in just lying down. Julia definitely wants to start exploring the world on her own. Well, in a few more months I guess. But I can’t wait to see her crawling around and eventually, take her very first steps.

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