Possible A(H1N1) case suspends classes in DLSU-Dasma

First, I’m thankful our forum on HR 1109 was a huge success! I’ve got lots of videos, stories and photos to share in the coming days so watch out for that. Sorry if we were not able to do a live stream of the event because of some ridiculous IT policies by the University.

Anyways, the title of this post says it all. The administrators of DLSUD led by President Bro Gus Boquer, FSC has announced the suspension of classes for the next three days:

Please be advised that classes are suspended from June 24 to 27, 2009, Wednesday until Saturday, for all year levels in all the undergraduate and graduate programs. All students, teaching and non-teaching personnel, are covered by the suspension.

The academic buildings and student dormitories will undergo disinfection and fumigation in the next four days.

We will also use this time to follow-up on the test results of students with flu-like symptoms. Should we have confirmed cases of Influenza A (H1N1), we will continue the suspension of classes to fulfill the 10-day quarantine. Otherwise, classes will resume on Monday, June 29.

Finally, please remind all students with flu-like symptoms to stay in their respective homes until they are completely symptomatic.

Please be guided accordingly. Thank you.

So, it seems that the A(H1N1) virus has finally struck our campus and Cavite for that matter. Hopefully, whoever that is that had showed symptoms would test negative for the virus and recover real soon.

For those who are having flu-like symptoms, do all of us a favor and follow the advised procedures of going on self-quarantine and seeking medical attention especially those who are afflicted with other diseases. I pray that you’ll recover real soon as well.

Hopefully and with our cooperation and vigilance, things will be alright and be back on track real soon.

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