PNoy doesn’t mind if you don’t go into college

Here’s my first major disappointment over President Noynoy Aquino, in his 2011 budget message:

Quality education at all levels is our priority. This includes vocational training so that those who cannot pursue higher education, either by choice or by circumstance, can find a dignified livelihood.

Isn’t it self-contradictory? He says that quality education at all levels is the government’s priority on one hand and on the other he says that if you cannot afford to go to college, hopefully you’ll get a decent job.

Earth to PNoy! A vast majority of the Filipino youth do want to go into college.

But alas, he finally gets honest later on in his message:

We allocated P23.4 billion to 112 State Universities and Colleges (SUCs) in 2011. This is 1.7 percent lower than the P23.8 billion budget for 2010. We are gradually reducing the subsidy to SUCs to push them toward becoming self-sufficient and financially independent, given their ability to raise their income and to utilize it for their programs and projects.

Now that’s really encouraging isn’t it? Ganito pala sa “daang matuwid.”

But who could blame PNoy? He has a warped and distorted view of why young Filipinos don’t go into college:

Almost half of our high school graduates seek employment rather than pursue higher studies.

Wrong Mr President! High school graduates are forced to seek employment because they cannot afford to go into private universities and colleges. Even State colleges and universities are becoming more inaccessible because tuition fees are increasing yearly because of your policy of state abandonment of education.

It seems that PNoy has forgotten that a considerable portion of the votes he obtained in the May 2010 elections came from the Filipino youth, who hoped that by supporting he will help solve their education woes. The ever increasing costs of higher education on top of the list.

So much for making quality education at all levels a priority of your administration.

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    1. There’s no need to read between the lines, it came from straight from the President’s statement.

      True that it’s not the government’s fault that some Filipinos can’t pursue college, but reducing state subsidy to SUCs is an effort exerted on the wrong direction.

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