Plugin Compatibilities with WordPress 2.3 Release Candidate 1

One of the great advantages of blogging on your own webhost is the ability to create multiple blogs and use one of those to play and mess around with WordPress. This compes particularly handy if you’re either a plugin developer, a theme designer or your average WP hacker.

Of course power bloggers are a combination of all three, for us ordinary WordPress bloggers who’s only become accustomed to installing plugins and widgets, tweaking themes and doing a few hacks here and there, the most useful and common usage of this practice is to test our new versions or updates of WordPress and to test if the plugins they currently use are compatible with it.

That’s exactly what I did and so the Four-eyed Demo Lab was born. A test-blog in the purest meaning of the term. I use it to test the new themes that I fancy, plugins that I’m keen on using and tasting the waters with new versions of WordPress.

Now that the next major upgrade to WordPress which is WordPress 2.3, less than 5 days away, preparing for the upgrade has never been easier. Of course one could always setup a local installation of WordPress on your PC but putting up a demo or test blog in a subdomain is far easier and more convenient.

My aim with this project is to identify early on which plugins will break once I make the upgrade to WP 2.3. Sure there’s that plugin compatibility list, but there would be times that the plugin you’re using is still not in the list, waiting time for someone or the plugin author himself to post updates or fixes for that particular plugin that finds itself at odds with the newest version of WordPress.

So last night, I downloaded WordPress 2.3 Beta 3 for my initial plugin compatibility tests and just a few minutes of writing this post, I downloaded WordPress 2.3 Releace Candidate 1 and upgraded my demo blog and pseudo-personal, punditry blog Sumilang to start the second phase of the test.

I setup the demo blog to use the same set of plugins I’m currently using with The Four-eyed Journal to see which ones would be broken by WP 2.3. So far only the WP-Polls plugin by GaMeRz didn’t work well with the new version. Luckily, an upgrade to the plugin will be made available soon to fix this.

As for the rest of the plugins that are working well with WP 2.3 RC 1 as of now are:

See any plugins you use as well? You’re in luck because these plugins are working with WP 2.3 RC 1 well, as of now. Note that these are the latest available versions of the plugins because one of neat new features of WP 2.3 is the plugin compatibility warning. If a plugin is not the latest version and a new one is available, WordPress 2.3 reminds you that it is outdated and the best of all, a link to where you could download the latest version of that plugin.

Now remember to backup your blog; it’s theme files, configuration files and database before making any changes and you’ll live on to blog for another day.

WordPress 2.3 RC1 is just great, and I’m sure the most stable release would even be the best version of our beloved blogging software, WordPress.

Big question now is, will WordPress 2.3 with it’s built-in tagging system would kill the Ultimate Tag Warrior plugin?

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  1. Thanks for doing this. This sort of thing is an excellent service to WP bloggers. I did want to note one thing, though. The Secure and Accessible PHP Contact Form v.2.0WPB20061101 mention is the latest version (2.0WP), but we're currently up to build number 20070414. There still shouldn't be any issues whatsoever, but I did want to bring that to your attention. Thanks.

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