Play Pac-man besides the Google Doodle

It’s a good thing that Google decided to keep their commemorative Pac-man Google Doodle game online forever. It sure does give a lot of fun and nostalgia to fans worldwide. Plus, the Google doodle is a refreshing new map to play Pac-man on.

For those who get easily tired of the Google doodle but would want to play more Pac-man, you can do so by simply Googling “play pacman” and many free web sites that host a Flash version (sorry iPhone, iPod and iPad users) of the classic arcade game would be a few clicks away.


Actually, these sites have been around long before Google came out with their own Pac-man Google doodle. Still, having all these on the web and for free is great news to all Pac-man fans for we have more choices to relieve the glory days and kill off time.

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