Pizza Hut Cheesy Summer Giveaway!

Pizza Hut
Who doesn’t love a mouth-watering slice of Pizza Hut? This summer has become more fun to spend enjoying a box of Pizza Hut all because their Stuffed Crust pizza has become more cheesier. How cheesier? 25% more cheesier!

Stuff Crust Pizza
Now it's 25% cheesier!
Let me run that by you again. Take a Stuffed Crust pizza and add 25% more cheese to it. If that doesn’t make your mouth water and your tummy growl for a slice of Pizza Hut, I don’t know what will.

I’m sure by now you have seen the new Pizza Hut TV ads featuring Miss Universe 4th Runner-Up Maria Venus Raj spreading the major, major awesomeness of Stuffed Crust pizza with 25% more cheese.

Now, Maria Venus Raj isn’t the only one helping to spread the word around about the 25% cheesier Stuffed Crust pizza. Myself and a gang of bloggers are organizing our own online contests where thousands of pesos worth of Pizza Hut Gift Certificates would be given away to you Pizza Hut fans and lovers out there.

Without further delay here’s how easy and simple it is to join this contest:

  1. Like The Four-eyed Journal’s Facebook Page. (
  2. Like Pizza Hut Philippines Facebook Page (
  3. Share your most memorable or special Pizza Hut moment in no more than 150 words on The Four-eyed Journal Facebook Page Wall.

A few rules or mechanics

  • Share and tag 3 of your friends after Liking both The Four-eyed Journal and Pizza Hut Philippines Facebook Pages.
  • One Wall post/message = 1 entry
  • You can post as many messages you want but you can only win once.
  • 3 winners will be picked using, each will win Php1000.00 worth of Pizza Hut Gift Certificates
  • Contest will end on April 30. Winners will be announced on May 2, 2011.

It’s simple and easy right? And the reward of Php1,000 worth of Pizza Hut Gift Certificate would definitely be worth it. So what are you waiting for? Visit The Four-eyed Journal on Facebook and take the first step to winning a major, major Pizza Hut cheesy goodness!

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