PinoyBlog Carnival – Isulong seoph edition

Welcome to the third edition of the PinoyBlog Carnival! Hosted by yours truly, jhay the Pinoy Explorer. 😀

IsulongseophflagIt’s almost been a month since the much coveted Isulong seoph contest was launched by SEO Philippines and thus far, it has been among hottest craze in the Pinoy blogosphere and it how shouldn’t be? With over a whopping P130, 000 pesos in prizes, Pinoy bloggers wanting to take a shot at it have went to full gear and have come up and tried almost anything and everything to improve their chances of landing the number 1 spot in the search for the key words: “Isulong seoph”

So, in support of this great project and of the contestants, this third edition of the PinoyBlog Carnival is all about Isulong seoph.

Only three Pinoy bloggers who have entered the contest have submitted their entry pages to become part of this Isulong seoph edition of the PinoyBlog Carnival. So without further adeu let’s kick off this PinoyBlog Carnival right now.

Noel’s isulong seoph lays down in layman’s terms what this Isulong seoph contest is all about. It’s benefits and beneficiaries and its overall impact on the future of the IT, internet, [tag]blogging[/tag] and [tag]search engine marketing[/tag] and [tag]optimization[t/ag] industries.

In fact, its positive and productive benefits can already be felt today. One such Pinay blogger who has indeed benefited from the Isulong seoph contest is Junelle Caravana who testifies that SEO newbies and alike has learned a lot about seo techniques and strategies. Though it may be a tall order, Junelles says just seeing her page land in the number 1 page of Google for Isulong seoph is enough to make her very happy. Aside from the contestants, other Pinoy bloggers who did not joined I’m sure has also learned a thing or two about seo tricks and techniques especially when they actively supported their [tag]blogging[/tag] friends who have joined the contest.

Kudos to the organizers of the contest for once again, they have brought the Pilipino blogging community much closer together; in competition and cooperation.

Lastly, and for a little dose of fun, major who shouted Isulong seoph has come up with good ways on how not to win the Isulong seoph contest. So if you’re tired of typing Isulong seoph in your blog or somewhere else, you might just have to follow some or all of major’s advice. If not, then go on and press harder, aim for number one and shout “[tag]Isulong seoph[/tag]!”

This is it for this edition of the [tag]PinoyBlog Carnival[/tag], thank you for reading, do visit the participants and see you all again at the next edition. Many thanks and Isulong Pinoy Blogging!

13 Replies to “PinoyBlog Carnival – Isulong seoph edition”

  1. Kakaunti lang at karamihan ng mga na-submit na entry ay mga na-late sa 2nd ed. Kaya binago ko yung theme at ginawang Isulong seoph. Tapos, para makabawi sa mga nagsubmit para talaga sa 3rd ed, ginawan ko na lang ng mini-edition, kaya si Rob ang naging bida.

    Pero nakakatuwa, dahil nagkaroon ng magandang offshoot ang insidente, magiging regular na ang mga mini-editions kung saan may 1 o 2 Pinoy blogger ang gagawing bida at gagawan ng review.

  2. I came to you’re blog from Moderatly Confused and really think you have an interesting blog. So I say Hello from Norway and will come back:-)
    Btw: I voted in the Poll of the week of course!

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  4. Yeah, Isulong SEOPH's is cool. I was actually surprised that our entry reached first page (highest was #3). I mean we're not SEO pros nor hardcore afficionadoes. Of course, lately it's playing around first and second pages, but it's still great the way we got to accomplish that feat in the face of tough competition.

    I do hope it's sustainable, though.

    You know what I think? It's likely not everyone's really working on optimizing for their entries. There are probably only a handful who are doing the right stuff, and who are doing anything at all.

    SEO's still a quirky affair at times.

  5. To be honest, I was surprised my old blog attained a PR 4, I wasn't doing any seo strategies back then, I just blogged and blogged. Until I noticed that the main page had that PR 4. Probably because of the inbound links from my blogfriends.

    Still, it's not that easy to build up a new blog. But it sure is a fun process.

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