Picking up the pieces and continuing the journey

It’s been a long while since I’ve updated this blog. Something that has become quite common for me this past few months, all because my offline engagements and commitments have kept me away from doing serious blogging.

However, the reason for sudden hiatus from blogging this past week has been entirely different. It’s not because of some big offline event or sickness, though I wish that was the case, it was something my family, my girlfriend and I totally did not expect and even wanted to happen. It was the loss of something very, very dear and special to us, to be more precise it was the loss of someone whom we loved so dear and so much we were prepared to sacrifice anything for that someone. Even as I write this, the pain of the loss continues to haunt me, pulling down tears from eyes and sucking creativity and the motivation to live normally out of me.

Most of you would wonder what has really happened, however, since this is only a pseudo-personal blog and I rarely publish my personal life online, I’ve decided to keep the details private. For those who I had prior online commitments, my sincere apologies for being unable to fulfill my part and for being so unprofessional. I’d be getting in touch with all of you soon enough.

I would like to thank Ms Noemi for being such a great help in overcoming this loss. Your words of comfort and care coursed through the internet has been priceless to me and especially my girlfriend. I promise that one of this days, we would treat you to a cup of coffee and continue with this process of grieving and more importantly, moving on.

To the one we lost, never forget how much we love you. Remember that we’ve never regretted your coming but your sudden departure is something no one ever wanted nor it is something that we could easily get over and forget. The best thing we could do for now is to remember the fond memories we had thanks to you and to treasure those memories as long as we both live. Be proud that you have made us all stronger, to improve ourselves and never give up dreaming for a happier future. To you I promise that from this day on, everything I do would be an effort to realize that dream. Wherever you are now, we pray that you are at peace and in happiness. Remember that we love you, ever so much.

I’ve never been a religious person, but in times like this, there’s a particular part of the Good Book that has always given me some measure of comfort and encouragement to which I would share in closing;

May Kanya-kanyang Panahon
(Mangangaral 3:1-8)

Ang lahat ng pangyayari sa daigdig ay nagaganap sa panahong itinakda ng Diyos.

Ang panahon ng pagsilang at
panahon ng pagkamatay;
Ang panahon ng pagtatanim at
panahon ng pagbunot ng tanim.
Ang panahon ng pagpatay at
panahon ng pagpapagaling;
Ang panahon ng paggiba at
panahon ng pagtatayo.
Ang panahon ng pagluha at
panahon ng pagtawa;
Ang panahon ng pagluluksa at
panahon ng pagdiriwang.
Ang panahon ng pagkakalat ng mga
bato at panahon ng pagtitipon sa
mga ito;
Ang panahon ng pagyayakap at
panahon ng paglalayo.
Ang panahon ng paghahanap at
panahon ng pagkawala niyon;
Ang panahon ng pag-iingat sa isang
bagay at panahon ng pagtatapon.
Ang panahon ng pagpunit at
panahon ng pagtahi;
Ang panahon ng pagtahimik at
panahon ng pagsasalita.
Ang panahon ng pagmamahal at
panahon ng pagkapoot;
Ang panahon ng digmaan at
panahon ng kapayapaan.

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  1. We can’t know why some things happen…

    But we can know that love

    and beautiful memories

    outlast the pain of grief.

    And we can know that there’s a place

    inside the heart where love lives always…..

    And where nothing beautiful can ever

    be forgotten.

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