PhotoHunt: Protect(ion)

Wohoo! Another weekend, another round of PhotoHunt. This week’s theme is quite interesting, as every theme is, “Protect(ion)“.

For my share, it’s protection that the boy has from wearing the life vest even though he remained on the shallow shores of Matabungkay beach in Batangas, Philippines.

Braving the sea

This was taken last Saturday during our family beach vacation. It has been a long while since we last took one as a whole family and every time is special, enjoyable and simply memorable.

It’s even more memorable because I am now able to take photos of it and more thanks to my Nikon D40. Check out the whole set on my Flickr. I’ll back later on to talk more about that trip to the beach and to go visit other blogs who’s joined this week’s PhotoHunt.

A great weekend to all!


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