PhotoHunt: Plastic

Another weekend, another round of PhotoHunt. And this week’s theme is all about “plastic“.

A common-place substance that has become one of the most enduring symbols of modern human civilization. The word derives from the Greek word “plastikos” meaning fit for molding, and “plastos” meaning molded. The first human-made plastic was invented by Alexander Parkes in 1862 and he called this plastic Parkesine. There are a multitude of other plastic variants that we know of today. (source)

One of which was used to create my beloved chess set, which I would be using for this week’s PhotoHunt.

My favorite set of chess pieces
My favorite set of chess pieces

I first came to use this particular set of chess back in high school when I tried out for the chess varsity team. The look, feel and weight of the pieces really gave a more serious respect and love for the game. Though wood-carved chess pieces are more common here in the Philippines, serious chess players, professionals and rated players have come to regard this particular set of heavy plastic-molded chess set a standard.


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