PhotoHunt: Painted

So glad I am able to join PhotoHunt again this weekend. I’ve missed so much already. It’s also good news that the PhotoHunt blog is up and running again so this week’s PhotoHunt would be another great one.

This week’s theme is “Painted“. For my part, I’m sharing a photo I’ve taken with my Sony Ericsson K800i cyber-shot phone of Pilipino artists doing street painting to voice out their support for the renewal of Philippine society and to decry the Arroyo administration’s efforts in suppressing the truth about its corrupt, illegal and anti-people deeds and practices.

Protest art

This was done during the “Truth Festival” held at the Raja Sulayman Park in the City of Manila where hundreds of artists, muscians, students, teachers, civil society groups gathered for a night of art, music, dance, and cultural celebration showcasing the Filipino people’s desire for truth and accountability from the corrupt Arroyo government and justice for all their evil deeds.

It was the height of the NBN-ZTE corruption scandal involving the President’s husband and the former Chair of Commission on Elections. At the center of all this, was the star-witness Jun Lozada who braved the odds and evil machinery of the Arroyo government to silence him and prevent the truth from being exposed to the Filipino people.

To the present day, Arroyo’s government and allies continue to harass and oppress Jun Lozada fearing that the truth he carries would be one of key reasons for their downfall.

You can view more photos of the colorful event here at my Flickr page.

Happy PhotoHunting to everyone!


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