PhotoHunt: Flags

Another weekend, another round of PhotoHunt. I know I’ve been absent the past few weekends but hey, it’s always nice to be joining again.

This weekend’s theme is all about ‘flags‘. Since June is the month the Philippines celebrates its day of Independence Day, the National Flag and historical flags like those used during the Revolution of 1896 are displayed all over the country.

However, my contribution is a photo taken not this June but last April during our family summer trip to the beaches of Matabungkay, Batangas.

Floating steady

Around the shores were cottages fixed to bamboo rafts. A common attraction around those beaches. Well, most of them had flags, Philippine flags, flying over their roofs. And these were being flown all-year round so their owners are celebrating Independence day 365 days of the year.

Okay, I know there are only two flags in the photo I shared, but it’s more than one so there, flags!

Happy PhotoHunting everyone!

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