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How’s the new design so far? Thanks again to BloggingPro for making this theme public and available to the masses.

The change in design of this blog coincides with this edition of the Road to the Philippine Blog Awards: Finalist’ Spotlight, because today we shift our attention to Sophia, web designer and blogger behind, one of the 5 finalists for the Technology Category in the Philippine Blog Awards which will take place exactly six days from now. Guys, malapit na!

Prefers to be called Ia, Sophia is a tech blogger and web designer who graduated from UP Diliman. She has worked on extensive projects and has an impressive portfolio under her belt or rather in her blog. started out in September of 2006 so making it to the Finalists for the Phil. Blog Awards at just 6 months of being online is a testament to the blog and the blogger behind it. What’s striking about Stellify is that it’s one of the very few blogs among the Finalists that is rendered or designed to be monochromatic; back all throughout. Others may find it gloomy, sad, evil at most, but for Ia she sees it differently, she sees there is more to black that few have realized. Ia expounds on this when she wrote

I still do not understand dark layouts. The ones you’d find on websites that revolved around stereotypically masculine affairs: games, cars, gadgets, porn, fantasy (oh, wait, I already mentioned porn). Perhaps because in these sites, black has been the slave of blinding neons, dripping blood, frozen death, slimy toxicities, and the underground—in an angst-claims-to-be-cool-not-bratty way.

Poor B. If it’s any consolation, here’s a little something for the zero-ridden hex value: a study in monochrome. See, this time, I think I understand black.

Who ever said you were a lesser hue? You don’t just influence the overall mood. You are the mood.

You are not the void. Only you can reveal where we are allowed to trespass.

You make the rules. It’s all up to you.

Such insight, thoughts that have grappled technologies – old and emerging – and bringing it to such contrasts that will enlighten readers whether they are geeks or not. It is because of this that one should not doubt why has been included to be one of the Finalists in the Technology blog category. In the following interview below, Ia shares more of her thoughts…

1. How does it feel to be nominated for the PBA?

Ia: It’s a surprise, actually. I only found out after the nominations had closed and I saw incoming traffic from bloggers that copy-pasted the list.

2. Do you know who nominated you?

Ia: I might have an idea, but I’m not sure. 🙂

3. Why do you think your blog was nominated?

Ia: I wish I could find out why!

4. Who do you think will win in your category?

Ia: I think it’ll be the blogger who best (i.e., fully, broadly, consistently) covers the category we’re in.

5. Why do you think you should win?

Ia: I bring something else to the table. Technology is a tough category to be in. I just write about things that interest me. And try to avoid the echo chamber.

6. What would you do if you win?

Ia: I’d be amazed.

7. What do you think of the Philippine blog awards?

Ia: I think it’s a good idea. I’m sure many Filipinos have waited for this. I do hope it lives up to its hype, maintains its reputation, and matures even more. I also think new categories should be created next time. ^_^

8. Is there a blog that’s not nominated but deserves to be nominated in the PBA?

Ia: Yes, I can think of several, though I’m not sure their identities would want to be disclosed!

9. Would you join the next Philippine blog awards?

Ia: We shall see!

10. Any messages to your fellow nominees?

Ia: You’re all awesome. Good luck! Keep bloggin’!

There you have it folks, straight from Ia herself. Watch out for the upcoming announcement from the Philippine Blog Awards as to the opening of the public voting for the Finalists. ‘Till next time, congratulations again to all the finalists.

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