Philippine Blog Awards – Awards Night

Five days to go and the Awards night for the Philippine Blog Awards will be soon upon us all. The excitement continues to build up along with the tension and perhaps pressure on the Finalists as the night of reckoning is at hand.

Do you want to go to the awards night? The organizers has something, a small favor or task that they want you to do if you do want to attend the awards night.

First, you must blog about it. Write anything you want as long as you make it clear to your readers when, where and at what time the awards night would be. Like so…

Philippine Blog Awards
Awarding Night
March 31, 2007
6PM – 8PM
Podium 4, RCBC Theater
RCBC Building, Ayala cor. Buendia Ave., Makati City
Attire: Semi-formal to formal

Next, put a link back to the post on the Philippine Blog Awards official site announcing the details of the Awards night and instructions on how to get e-Tickets which would be you pass to the Awards night.

Next, put your e-mail address so that the organizers would know where to send your e-Tickets to. My e-mail add is jhay AT jrocas DOT com DOT ph. (You know how this works to prevent spam, and here’s another set of tips to stop spam in your blog)

Just wait for their e-mail, while doing so, head on to that post and leave a comment behind for them to know which blogs to check out.

These are the simple steps to get a chance at attending the Awards night. It may not as be open to everyone, but we have to consider that the venue does have limited seating capacity.

Now, all we have to do is to wait and hope that an e-Ticket would be sent our way.

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