Panganay ng Umaga – Joey Ayala and Noe Tio

Panganay ng Umaga or First-born/child of the Morning is a reminder that we humans are not masters of nature, but rather, an innate part of the web of life. That our skills, intelligence and nature are meant to protect and nurture this planet and all the creatures that live in it, not submit it to our will. Earth Day is officially over but it’s essence and challenge to us remains as urgent now as it has ever been since the dawn of creation.

Let us remember;

“Mankind did not weave the web of life, we are merely a strand in it. Whatever we do the web, we do to ourselves.”

Panganay ng Umaga

ang panganay ng umaga’y
sumilip sa bintana
ako’y dumilat at nagulat
sa lawak ng mundo

mga burol at kabundukan
nakahanay sa abot-tanaw
bughaw na langit at kapatagan
magkasintahang nagtatagpo

lawa ilog dagat
lamig tamis alat
ulan agos alon
haplos sa pisngi ng panahon

sanlibong ulap nagliliparan
kasabay ng agila at lawin
bulong ng simoy awit ng hangin
at sigaw ng buhawi

ako’y tao lamang
taga-bigay ng pangalan
taga-sukat taga-bilang
munting butil sa sanlibutan

ang panganay ng umaga’y
sumilip sa bintana
ako’y dumilat at nagulat
sa lawak ng mundo


You can find more of Joey Ayala’s great and wonderful songs in his own website JoeyAyala dot com

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3 thoughts on “Panganay ng Umaga – Joey Ayala and Noe Tio

  1. I was surprised too. When I reached kamarikutan, there were big tarpaulin banners with Noe's smiling face.

    The night before pala, there was an event where artists and musicians gathered to pay tribute to Noe.

    ka edong

  2. hi jhay.

    I was a big joey ayala fan back in college.

    I dropped by Cafe kamarikutan in puerto princesa palawan nung march.

    And found out there that noe tio passed away na pala.

    Bless the Noe for his contribution to Philippine Music and Arts.

    ka edong

    • Oh my God! To be honest, it's only from you whom I learned of this sad news. It's June already! 😥

      Noe Tio and his music will never be forgotten.

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