Overheating problems with my Compaq Presario Notebook

A sign of aging. For the last couple of days, the wife has been complaining that notebook suddenly shuts down automatically while she’s in the middle of browsing Facebook.

Compaq Presario C700 series
Inside is an exhaust fan that's nearly given up on me
I suspect that it’s an overheating issue as it has happened before to my Compaq Presario c765TU notebook which I bought way back in 2008.

However, the overheating problem has been more persistent as again, the wife reported that it caused the notebook to shutdown four times within a span of just three hours just the other day!

Come to think of it, today is the 3rd ‘birthday’ of my Compaq Presario notebook. An ominous sign perhaps that indeed it deserves some well-earned pampering by undergoing maintenance to replace a worn out exhaust fan and with it an extension of its service life span by a couple of years, which would just be enough time to enable me to save enough money to buy a replacement. Or at least find a way to get a replacement notebook.

So now I’m on the hunt for an HP Service Center, I have a vague idea that there’s one in Makati City but thankfully, a few friends of mine chimed in on my Facebook wall giving me a heads up that there’s one in Robinson’s Place Imus, Cavite.

Before that, I went ahead and looked for other laptop services and found PinoyLaptops.com which offers a wide range of laptop/notebook repair services. Of course there are others that a Google search will give but it’s either that or HP Service Center in the Philippines.

I want to keep the costs of replacing the exhaust fan reasonably low but not to the extent that it would just give me more headaches and a more broken notebook a few months or weeks down the line.

So on Wednesday, I’m off to Robinson’s Place Imus to check out the HP Service Center there, or maybe an accredited partner. If that doesn’t work out, then it’s off to one of their Service Centers in Makati City.

For now, an alternating use of the air conditioning unit and an electric fan is used to keep my notebook from overheating. Hopefully, a replacement of the exhaust fan would solve this problem for good.

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