Open and Save ODF in Microsoft Word

BBC Technology News, an add-on to Microsoft’s popular word-processing software MS Word that allows users to finally open and save documents in the Open Document Format has been released.


What could we gain from this?

  • Word/Windows users can now work or collaborate smoothly with users who use Linux, say Ubuntu and Open Office Writer program.
  • No need to look for a third-party program to convert one format into the other: .doc >>> .odt vice versa
  • Users who converted to using the OpenOffice suite or other free and open-source alternatives to Office would no longer be alienated from their friends, colleagues and partners who still use MS Office.
  • Users who are tired or fed up with MS Office, for whatever reasons, can now make the switch to using the open-source alternatives, and yes it’s still for free.

The add-on is already available for download over at the SoureForge project page and it’s been said that other add-ons for other Microsoft programs like Excel are on the way.

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