On the Samurai Umbrella…I want one!

When it comes to wisdom, factoids, trivia and explaining stuff, most of my friends turn to me for their regular dose and questions. But there are limits to what I know and one of them is the Samurai Umbrella. Which is getting quite popular nowadays.

Samurai Umbrella
Awesome Samurai Umbrella

I’ve seen one or two in the metro lately on one of my regular trips to work via the MRT. “They got through the security guards carrying those?” Was the first thought that crossed my mind when I first saw one, fooled into thinking they were really bladed Samurai replicas. “Or maybe they were used by cosplayers.” Was another hypothesis of mine.

Compact Samurai Umbrella
For a more compact and stealthier ninja, err traveller

As it turned out, they were just umbrellas that look like Samurai sword. Awesome!!! And I want one! Not the full-sized one though, the smaller and compact one for a more stealthier look. Also because I’ve long moved on from carrying around full-sized umbrellas that were mostly a hassle to travel with in our crowded passenger jeepneys and jam-packed buses.

And since my present umbrella is about to give out, I’d replace it with a compact Samurai Umbrella soon. Ah yes, you want one too, right?

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