On the missing apps on my Android phone

When I got the LG Optimus One a month ago, I became an instant fandroid. I love both the phone and the OS.

However things have not been so rosy since last week. I’ve noticed that my phone has been sluggish, especially when unlocking the screen and immediately opening an app.

Then for some yet unknown reason, some of the apps I had installed simply vanished from my phone.

Was it a bug with the app? With Android? With the LG Optimus One? Or a combination of the three? There are some reports of a similar issue happening to other Android phones from Samsung.

Moving apps to the SD card seems to confuse the phone into thinking that said apps were uninstalled
I don’t know how to diagnose a problem with Android so I just kept a sharper eye out for anything else suspicious or strange that may happen. Then I noticed a pattern. Whenever I install a new app that is more than 2MB in size, the phone will alert me that the internal phone’s memory storage is almost full. So I use the Application manager to move apps from the phone memory to the SD card.

After doing that, turning off the phone before going to sleep and then turning it on again when I wake up the next morning, some of the apps were ‘missing’ from the applications menu.

My first instinct was to reinstall the apps, then I had second thoughts that maybe the apps were still there, since all I did was move some of it to the SD card.

As it turns out, I was correct. The Application manager showed me that the ‘missing’ apps like SpringPad, Skype and Chess for Android were still installed on my phone. So I simply restarted my phone and after it went back on, the ‘missing’ apps were no longer so.

Maybe this is a bug in Android, or maybe with the phone. For some unknown reason, the phone thinks that when an app is moved from the phone memory to the SD card it was uninstalled when in fact it was not. A simple restart of the phone just gave it a refresh and everything was back to normal again.

Has anyone else encountered this issue with their Android phone? I’ll do some more searches on the net to get more information about this.

For now though, I’m back to enjoying my LG Optimus One.

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