On the case of the De La Salle – Dasma professor arrested for attempted rape

This has been talked about among members of the De La Salle University – Dasmariñas, but to set things straight I quote in full text the news report from ABS-CBN News online

La Salle-Dasma prof held for attempted rape

A university professor was arrested by policemen in Dasmariñas, Cavite, for allegedly luring his student into sex in exchange of a passing grade.

Dasmariñas policemen arrested Arnel Sanchez, criminology professor at the De La Salle University in Dasmariñas, in front of a motel, where he was supposed to meet his 17-year-old student Thursday night.

Before the arrest, the student went to the Dasmariñas Police Station and showed policemen Sanchez’s text messages. One message said: “Ready kna ba? Ok lng ba mag sesex tyo? (Are you ready? Is it okay if we have sex?)”

The victim told the police that her professor had been bugging her about sex and threatening to give her dropping grades if she refuses.

Charges are being readied against the professor.

So the cat is out of the bag, and the accused in jail. What could possibly be one of the worst public relations and most scandalous news De La Salle University – Dasmarinas be involved

This issue of faculty, asking for bribes, favors and even sexual pleasure from students who fail in their subjects is not someting new. Just like the underground student sex trade, high-profile cases of plagiarism and corruption in the University, this recent scandal is just but a confirmation that things are not so green and white, holy and just, Lasallian and Christian in DLSUD. Indeed, foul, dark and evil things do exist within the campus.

I’ve heard so many times from faculy I know that this things should be kept within the campus or amongst our selves, meaning we should not even talk about it like the way we talk about the latest episode of Bubble Gang or Dyesbel, because this would do harm to the name of the University.

I say, that’s a ton of bull! Why protect the repuation of the University, a supposedly Catholic and rabid Lasallian University when one of its own faculty does something evil, something so inhuman, so unbecoming of an academic, so un-Christian and so un-Lasallian to one of its very own student?!

I say that the best way to protect the name of the University is for the University itself to have the courage to face the issue squarely and in full accordance of the laws of the land and the teachings of the Catholic faith.

The Administration should conduct a thorough investigation of this matter. Impartiality and objectivity must guide the said investigation and cover ups, compromises or even appeasements must not be tolerated just to save the name of the University. It’s already embarrasing and a PR disaster for this controversy to reach media but it would be a far bigger mistake and sin to be completely silent about this issue. It may tarnish the name of the University today but it will protect the interests and welfare of the students and in effect the institution’s own in the long run. That’s what the University is for, right?

The Faculty Association must police and clean-up its own ranks. I’ve seen them struggle so hard to fight for their rights and benefits but I’d like to see them be more adamant and steadfast in proving that as Lasallian and Christian educators, they’re not only being employed to teach minds but also to safe guard and promote the dignity, welfare and interests of us their students. If not, they don’t have the right to invoke the principle of “loco parentis” (meaning second parents) whenever they exert their authority on us students.

The University Student Council must do something more tangible, concrete and positive like extending assistance to the victim as well as to the other students who have long been victims of corruption, abuse and neglect by faculty. It is their mandate to protect and be at the front lines of defending, promoting and upholding the rights and welfare of the students. It is the very reason why they were in office to begin with. If they fail to do so, then they should follow in the footsteps of their former President and resign.

For all students of De La Salle University Dasmariñas, we must never be afraid and be constantly vigilant in protecting, promoting and advancing our rights and interests as students. Let us not forget that we are the very reason why the University exists, we must never forget that it is our good parents’ hard-earend money that keeps the University running, the Brothers are well-fed and are able to do their mission, its administrators and faculty making a living so that they would be our “second parents” and partners in becoming complete human beings through that much touted Lasallian education, not some evil and corrupt individuals using as us students to satisfy their immoral, inhuman and dastardly wants and whims.

On behalf of Lasallian students who would not shrink into silence and passivity, on behalf of those who believe and struggle for justice and goodness, and on behalf of those who believe in the Lasallian values, I say that we as part of the DLSUD community stand up and face this issue squarely and without pretensions or compromises, let due processes take its course, our laws, though could be harsh, be followed and implemented and the Lasallian values of spirit of faith, zeal for service and communion in mission be given full fruition and kept burning alive in our hearts.

Let justice be done! Animo La Salle!

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5 thoughts on “On the case of the De La Salle – Dasma professor arrested for attempted rape

  1. Looks like this happened in 2008. What happened? At this point, siguro naman may mga findings na. Kung lumang tugtugin na ito, dapat may resolution na. Otherwise, paninira lang ang ginagawa. Meron bang update ito? Dapat lang naman siguro after more than 3 years, si Jhay should have followed this up, di ba?

  2. hindi mo pa naririnig ang kabilang side.. based on my reliable source.. ang prof ay marami ng binagsak..pilit na nag-txt ang babaeng student "tinatawag na babe ang prof"(alam ng asawa ng prof. ito at alam nya na hindi ito papatulan ng asawa)(kasama ng prof ang asawa sa kulungan sapagkat tiwala ito at alam ang pinagdadaanan ng asawang prof ay pawang paninira at paghihiganti)(maraming natatanggap ng death threat ang prof almost a year prior sa incident) . kabilang sa mga binagsak ng prof ay mga anak ng mga may "katungkulan" at "kapangyarihan" sa lipunan.. (karamihan police).. at that day when the incident happen, naghahanda ang prof upang tumungo sa kalakhang visaya para mag defend ng kanyang doctoral..(malamang kasabwat ang "BUTIHING DEKANO" threaten siguro)… wag padalos-dalos.. maraming magpapatunay na lahat ng nabalita ay malamang "isang magaling at planadong ideya", ang tindi naman ng ABS-CBN at nandun agad impunto(may isang malakas na tao ang malamang kumausap d2) sad to say isang magaling na prof ang taya..

    • @Ralph – Hindi ko sinasabing alam ko ang lahat ng detalye at impormasyon tungkol sa isyu na ito. Ang sa akin lang, ay hayaan magpatuloy ang imbestigasyon at ligal na proseso. Dahil kung inosente nga si G Sanchez ay wala dapat siyang ikatakot. Ang mga alegasyon mong "power play" sa likod ng insidenteng ito ay mapapatunayan o mapapasinungalingan din sa naturang imbestigasyon at ligal na proseso.

  3. Please don't ever sound that way… Parang ang galeng galeng mo naman mag-sita e di mo pa nga naririnig yung panig nung TEACHER. Wag ganun, do an investigative analysis first. Yung media coverage ang dating saken e overkill both footage and reporter's spiel.

  4. as of now, all i can say is that, we lassalians should be aware of our society. in my own perspective, i think, on my opinion, 99% of police men are currupt, addict and criminals. i don't trust them anymore. they are involved in different anomalies here in the Philippines, kidnapping, drug distribution etc…. we should open our eyes and we should stop pretending that this is nothing.

    sorry to say, it just happened that la salle is involved.

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