On Chiz Escudero’s Resignation from NPC

This post is long overdue, still, I’d like to weigh in on the bombshell of what was Sen Francis “Chiz” Escudero’s resignation from his long time party, the Nationalist People’s Coalition amidst the expectations that he was going to use it as a vehicle for his bid for the Presidency come 2010.

I, along with many bloggers had the chance to sit down, have lunch and chit-chat with Sen Chiz Ecudero last Nov 7, 2009 at Annabelle’s Restaurant on Tomas Morato, Quezon City courtesy of fellow blogger, Carlo Ople.

After the great lunch, we finally began the chit-chat with the most obvious question: Why did he resign from the NPC? What’s the truth behind it all? Was it because of the money issue or something else?

Let’s hear it from Sen Chiz Escudero himself:

Before I’ve met Chiz in person and hear it from himself, I was convinced that indeed the truth was that money was the main issue and why the supposed financiers of his presidential candidacy, chief of them was supposedly NPC big boss Danding Cojuanco, failed to meet the expectations was because of Escudero’s poor performance in the recent surveys where Noynoy Aquino of the Liberal Party and Manny Villar of the Nationalista Party beat him to the third spot.

Particio Mangubat has a quite an analysis of the matter over at Filipino Voices.

So, who’s telling the truth? Pat or Chiz? I think both are. Simply because they’re coming from different, yet not totally unrelated view points.

we’ve seen how the country’s ruling oligarchy has been manipulating and gaming the our government, its elections and our politics.

I say this because I do give Chiz Escudero a benefit of the doubt, in that after hearing him, most bloggers who were with me at that time would agree that he was as candid as he said he was and that he was sincere and honest with his answers.

Putting cynicism in Pat’s analysis aside, and looking at it objectively and from the POV of NPC financiers, investing in Escudero’s campaign is much riskier than say, supporting Noynoy Aquino who conveniently happens to be a nephew of the NPC big boss.

For a moment, let’s pretend that the NPC big boss, does not view presidential elections as his favorite hobby of horse-betting or a business to invest in, and again really pretend that he looks at the principles and platform of Escudero, as we will go in detail on the next installment of this series on the young Presidential hopeful, you wouldn’t want to put your money in support of someone who would run contrary to your business interests and ideological leanings.

And this is what Chiz has said in our meetup, it was a difference on platform issues with NPC elders and the culture of being “eaten alive by the corrupt system” that has led him to leave the party and re-think more about his Presidential bid.

The bottom line is, with Pat’s analysis, we’ve seen how the country’s ruling oligarchy has been manipulating and gaming the our government, its elections and our politics. With their own interests trumping the needs and interests of the rest of the poor and marginalized Filipinos.

From Chiz’s dilemma, you’d see how young Filipinos who are in a position to do some positive change for the country are being frustrated by the system that has become rotten to the core.

So what are we to do now? I’d save this on the last installment of my thoughts on Chiz Escudero’s “to run or not to run” Presidential bid.

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