On a diet? Gadgets can be used to measure food portions to monitor diet and intake

It’s summer time here in the Philippines and while most students are on their final weeks of exams and classes and simply waiting to march up on stage to get their hard-earned diplomas, a lot of us are already planning their vacation.

iPad and Chocolate by whatelydudeWith the mention of summer of vacation, beaches, resorts and other getaways where there’s plenty of sun would be the staple. However, some are less worried about where to go but are more worried about what to wear. For those on the heavier side of the scale and those watching their weight in order to strut their best when they put on that pair of bikinis or trunks the urge to keep tabs on what they eat and how much they eat just keeps stronger and stronger.

There’s good news for all, there’s an easy way to keep track of the food portions and servings you take in a day without having to memorize the metric system or carry around measuring cups with you.

The Seattle Times’ Janet K. Keeler has a neat technique of using gadgets like iPods and thumb drives so commonplace nowadays to get an idea of how much food you are eating:

Pod nano: 1 ounce of chocolate

First-generation iPod shuffle: 1 ounce of cheese

Smartphone: 3 ounces of chicken, meat or fish

One side of headphones: 1 cup of cereal, soup, vegetables or cut-up fruit

Pedometer: 1/4 cup of raisins or other dried fruit

Small thumb drive: 1 tablespoon of salad dressing, sour cream, mayonnaise

AC power adapter: 1/2 cup ice cream or frozen yogurt

Two earbuds: 1 teaspoon of olive oil or peanut butter

CD: 1 slice of bread

Computer mouse: 1 baked potato

You thought it was an app for the iPhone or Android? It would be cool to have one though the portion-equivalency chart for gadgets above is a quick and easy to use tool in doing just that, measuring the amount of food you eat every time you grab a bite.

Now if one CD is the equivalent of a slice of bread, does that make a hard drive two or three slices? How about an iPad 2? Is that the equivalent of a small pizza or huge bar of chocolate?

Image by whatelydude

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