Official Twitter App for Windows Phone

While users of the iPhone, BlackBerry and even Android-powered smartphones had to wait for months before an official Twitter apps was released for their platform, Windows Phone users just had to wait for weeks for it.

Twitter has just announced the official Twitter App for Windows Phone:

Twitter for Windows Phone includes all of the features that you’d expect from Twitter – your timeline, suggested users, messages, lists, and a great way to explore Twitter without even logging in. You can sign up for an account right from the app as well. The app is really fast, and we think you’ll enjoy the experience.

Looks sexy doesn’t it? Twitter worked with IdentityMine and used the open source REST API library, Tweet Sharp, as the foundation for the app.

The neat thing about this app is the Pivots feature which will allow users to swipe to the left or right on their Windows Phone units in order to view other ‘pages’ of the app like lists or replies.

The official Windows Phone Twitter App is now available for users. Anyone who has tried the app? What are your thoughts about it?

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