Of staying slim, green tea and green coffee

TaiChiI’ve been drinking green tea and the regular one for almost 3 years now. I’m drinking it for its health benefits, and the way, especially green tea, compliments my practice of tai chi. My mother however, warned me that green tea is suited for those who want to lose some weight and have a slim and slender body. If you have taken some time to look at my photos (God save your soul) you would say that I really don’t need to anymore, because yes, I am too skinny already and I’ve been like this since I was 8 years old.

Still, I stuck to drinking green tea every morning or in the afternoon before and after tai chi practice, which now really depends on how much free time I have. I still drink green tea because I’ve grown to love it, I even use it as cure for a hangover after a drinking binge. I also drink green tea to calm my mind and get it going especially during nights when I’m rushing overdue school works and projects. hehehe

Tai chi on the other hand has helped me stay tough and capable despite my busy and often times exhausting and ‘toxic’ life. I may be skinny and dorky, but heck, I outlasted my buffier, gym-going friends in an endurance and obstacle course we had in a youth leadership camp last month. But still, I do want to gain some weight just to add a little buff to my slim and slender form.

Drinking green tea, as I have now come to finally accept, will not help me achieve that goal. How? You may ask? Green tea has certain compounds in it that help me loose weight by utilizing the stored fat in my body. (If there were some to begin with, lol) One such compound is epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG), which helps the body break down and utilize fat in the body by burning them into calories, which is energy for the body.

It’s simple really, the more calories you burn, the more body fat you consume, therefore the more weight you loose. Unless of course, you’re on a special diet that allows you to burn more calories per day than normal persons would and still manage to keep your desired weight. Athletes like sumo wrestlers are examples of such persons on a special diet like this.

I’m glad that you’ve read up to this part of this already lenghty post. My guess is that you’re looking for a way to loose some pounds off your body, no one’s blaming you. It’s the ‘in’ thing to do this summer especially if you want to strut that new bikini or thong in the beach.
Don’t worry that though you may want to loose some weight but would not like to drink green tea for whatever reason, and you’re a bit shy to go to the gym or a bit skeptical about dialing those “loose/gain weight” ads, there is still hope.

Yes my friends, hope can still be found in a cup of yet another famous beverage the world over; coffee. Green coffee that is.

What the heck is green coffee you may ask? It’s simply unroasted coffee, hence the name green coffee. News on the Discovery Channel site has said that;

Coffee made out green, unroasted coffee beans promotes weight loss, according to a new study on compounds that are naturally present in the beans.
The discovery mirrors earlier research on green tea, which was found to slightly increase metabolism and to speed up the body’s ability to burn fat. Green coffee appears to have a more potent effect.

Doesn’t it sound magical? You get to drink coffee and loose some weight at the same time. Again, how does this happen? The news story has more;

Shimoda, who is a scientist at the Oryza Oil & Fat Chemical Company, Limited, in Aichi, Japan, told Discovery News that consuming regular, roasted coffee will not lead too much, if any, direct weight loss.

He and his colleagues determined that there are two key types of compounds in unroasted coffee beans. The first is caffeine. The second is chlorogenic acid and its related compounds. Heating destroys the acids.

Just like green tea’s EGCG compound, chlorogenic acid in green coffee helps the body break down fatty acids and produce calories. The sure win formula to losing weight. But don’t get too excited yet and rush out to drink cups of green coffee. You may, and will not like the taste.
The secret to coffee’s rich flavor and aroma is the way coffee beans are processed; by heating or roasting. The roasting process turns the coffee beans from green to dark brown even black. Unfortunately, this process destroys the chlorogenic acid in the coffee beans but it produces the brown aromatic Maillard reactants which gives us the rich and aromatic flavor of coffee. Green coffee on the other hand, tastes bitter and has no aroma. Who would want to drink that kind of coffee right?

The slimming promise of green coffee is not totally lost; extracts from green coffee could be used as food supplements for weight loss diets or programs. So now we have two choices, green tea for that oriental, natural and serene effect and feel or green coffee extracts brought about by modern research and technology. So which ever you choose, you’d still loose, weight that is.

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  1. Man, I love Green Tea.. Yes, the real one. There are many companies selling Green Tea in a can but most of it is crap. Suck it up, drink it, and stay slim. It really does work.

  2. hmm i read somewhere that oolong tea is more effective for those who want to lose weight. we tried that for a month. it was ok although it stained our mugs so that kind of got scary…it was good as an energy booster tho…before, i drank lots of coffee but would still fall asleep at work…when i began drinking oolong, i had more energy throughout the day..

    this year i'll probably go back to green tea…i hope it boosts energy as well…

    by the way, since you practice tai chi, do you belong to the club Blue Dragon (???) or something like that (sorry, forgot the actual name)…one of the members demonstrated tai chi once during a seminar here in UP diliman in 2005…

  3. I have been taking Green Tea Slim for about 3 days now. So far I have not really been able to recognize 😉 😉 results as far as energy or mood, although I have dropped 2.5 lbs. I have had a terrible headache for two days now. Does anyone know if there could be any relation to the green tea or what is contained in the Green Tea Slim? I want to lose 135 lbs. and I have lost 53 lbs. so far. I was wanting to use something a bit more natural that is why I turned to Green Tea Slim.

  4. Green tea is known to speed up your metabolism, so it wouldn’t be the best choice if you want to gain weight. However, you should also consider other health benefits. There is no other tea, except for maybe white tea, that can give you the same amount of active ingredients and antioxidants.

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