Now powered by WordPress 2.6 Tyner

This is one the smoothest and fastest WordPress upgrades I’ve ever made in my two years of using this awesome blogging software. Now this blog is powered by its latest version, WordPress 2.6 and it is named in honor of “Tyner,” named for jazz pianist McCoy Tyner, which according to the WP team 194 bug fixes and over a two dozens of new features.

This video tutorial below provides a nice glimpse about these awesome new features of WordPress 2.6:

It has loads of cool new features and among my favorites is the new way plugins are managed. It now has separate sections for active and non-active plugins, keeps track of your most recently used plugins and best of all, the ability to activate and de-activate plugins by groups.

I’ve yet to try whether the new image caption feature would work right away with the Lightbox 2 plugin and perhaps tomorrow I’ll finally give the built-in support for Gears a spin and see what it can offer me.

So far, all of my existing plugins are working with WordPress 2.6 and I’m confident the upgrade for the others would be smooth as well. Grab your copy of WordPress 2.6 here.

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  1. Nice to here your WP upgrade went smooth, I use my own custom website comment system. So I don’t have to worry about things like upgrades.

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